Intel intros 10th-Gen Icelake Core processors at Computex 2019


Intel just unveiled their next generation 10nm Core processors also known as Icelake!

Intel finally unveiled the next generation of their Core processor line a.k.a Icelake. The new set of processors is based on the company’s new 10nm “Sunny Cove” architecture.

Intel will be shipping out a staggering 11 new Icelake processors ranging from the base Core i3 family up to the i7, no word yet on an i9 Icelake though. We’re getting a slew of performance leaps and bumps from these new processors including up to 2.5x better accelerated AI performance, 2x greater graphics performance, and 3x faster wireless speeds. We’re also getting built-in Thunderbolt 3 and Wi-Fi 6 support right out of the box.

Although, perhaps the most important news of all for gamers is that greater graphics performance. The new Icelake family will be powered by the revamped Intel Iris Plus graphics based on the Gen11 architecture. This promises content creation on-the-go with 2x HEVC encode, support for 4K HDR, and generally double the gaming capabilities of the previous generation.

intel icelake

The 10th gen Core processors are not just limited to our desktop setups as these babies are also heading to laptops. Starting with the Y and U processors, which are geared towards thin and lights. Despite the lower voltages and clock speeds, which we expect since that’s the normal setup for the Y and U series, these processors still feature the Iris Plus Gen11 graphics.

Intel has yet to reveal the detailed spec sheets of the entire Icelake lineup though they are already in the process of mass production and shipping. So these bad boys are expected to reach consumers by the holidays this 2019.

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