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If Red ain’t sussy baka enough, then we have professor Heimerdinger and an enforcer to call the shots and pit everyone against each other in this Riot and Among us Collaboration.


Riot Games outs another teaser featuring a collaboration with Among us in the recent Riot Arcane Progress days Event trailer. The trailer shows crewmates wearing an Enforcer mask and a full Heimerdinger costume set.

The collaboration will bring Arcane-themed accessories to the game. Once the update goes live, players in Among Us will have a chance to look like their favorite giz-wiz Yordle or of a law-abiding Enforcer from the upper city of Piltover. It is still unclear what else this collaboration will bring to the table since Riot hasn’t revealed any other information.

Riot's Arcane on Netflix

This is part of Riot’s week-long Progress Day event that celebrates the second act of Arcane. The company’s animated series on Netflix that started streaming last November 7. The Story shares the lore of sisters Violet (Vi) and Powder (Jinx) along with a cast of new and familiar faces.

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