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The Dell Concept Polaris is the successor to the Alienware Graphics Amplifier!

While Dell has updated their current Alienware laptop line, they’re also dabbling in more interesting aspects. One of those is a return into eGPUs (External GPU) with their Concept Polaris. This is not their first time providing users with an external GPU solution. We had the Alienware Graphics Amplifier from 2014 up until it was unofficially excluded in recent Alienware models. Now they’re back with an even crazier attempt at providing laptop users that GPU upgrade.

The Polaris is a different kind of eGPU from its predecessor

We have to understand though that Concept Polaris is as its name suggests, it’s still a concept. So, everything we see right now may be subject to change or a few more tweaks. In any case, Polaris is taking a different approach from the now-defunct Graphics Amplifier. First off, we’re getting a more futuristic design in what Dell calls the Alienware Legend 2.0 ID. This is evident in how the Polaris is more rounded than the boxy structure of the Graphics Amplifier. The eGPU solution can now also be oriented both vertically and horizontally.

As for power, unlike the Graphics Amplifier, there will no longer be a built-in power supply for the Polaris. In exchange, there will be a dual AC adapter solution. One iteration delivers power through two 330w AC adapters, while another will use two 425w AC adapters. Inside, the eGPU can handle up to full-size 16-inch desktop graphics cards. That card will also now be liquid-cooled with Dell’s 240mm Cryo-Tech cooling solution. This includes their own thermal interface material known as Element 31.

Dell Concept Polaris

Now, this is probably the biggest and most welcome change of all, the compatibility of Concept Polaris. Unlike the previous Alienware Graphics Amplifier, this one won’t have its own proprietary connection. It will instead use Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, and USB-4, opening it up to support any device with these connections.

Last but not least, the Polaris also features USB-A, USB-C, and 2.5Gb Ethernet ports. Providing users with more connectivity and extra ports. Again, this is still a concept product so we’ve yet to see any official availability or pricing. We will keep an eye out for future developments.

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