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Riot Forge’s latest rhythm game is Hextech Mayhem initially released for PC last November 2021. This week, the game rolled out on mobile (both Android and iOS) with a twist on its availability. Playing the game on your mobile device requires a Netflix subscription. Hence how the name Hextech Mayhem: Netflix Edition came into fruition.

Luckily, we pay membership fees on the video streaming platform so we’re here to tell you what we experienced playing this League of Legends (LoL) spin-off game. Let’s begin!

Hextech Mayhem: Netflix Edition

The Story So Far

Hextech Mayhem derives its story from the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game LoL. Each character or champions as they would call it, have rich backstories that hook people deeper and deeper into the game’s lore.

In Hextech Mayhem, you control Ziggs with the purpose of wreaking havoc in the streets of Piltover (Heimerdinger’s home city). Heimerdinger, on the other hand, tries to stop him at all costs. The former uses bombs as his main weapon while the latter uses science and calculations in making various inventions.

How Is It Played?

This is a 2D platformer rhythm game so expect a lot of panic and attentiveness in your surroundings. You won’t be able to control Ziggs’ horizontal movement. However, you can move vertically and throw bombs using the control buttons. For the Netflix Edition, you need to tap on the icons shown on the screen to execute commands.

Hextech Mayhem: Netflix Edition

Given that this is a rhythm game, you should time your tapping on the necessary commands shown in the game. Turning your device’s volume on is also one of the key factors in succeeding. Using some earphones or headsets will also help a lot in this case. This is because you will have to listen to the beats and music that plays in the background. There is also a scoring system that gives you a higher multiplier if you successfully time the beats consecutively.

Hextech Mayhem: Netflix Edition

There are various levels with different level designs each with new songs and beats to follow. One objective is to collect gears along the way to unlock various cosmetic items that are available in the shop.

Hextech Mayhem: Netflix Edition

Props to Riot Forge for being considerate for Color impaired players as they give different color options that cater to them.

A Lot Of Mayhem Is Happening

One of the things worth commending in Hextech Mayhem is its interactivity, freestyle play, and lively graphics with animations. You wouldn’t feel like the game is plain and bland given that you have to pay attention to surprisingly a lot of elements in the game.

Apart from the incoming guide commands to time your beat with, there are destructible crates that could be obstructing your way. As you progress, you will be introduced to more things such as Piltover guards who block your path. Here’s a clip of one of my first runs in the game to give context.

In my experience, I thought it was alright to touch the guard without force, however, I was wrong. Eliminating them requires you to jump over their heads ala Mario style or throw bombs at them. This is happening while keeping an eye out on not tripping or headbutting a wall in front of you.

Do not worry, as failing an obstacle will not mean a game over screen. Hextech Mayhem assures you that you will finish the level regardless as it brings a redemption system. You can get back to your current run by hitting on the right incoming beat while you are on your gray screen.

Tap Tap All The Way!

As someone who regularly enjoys music and hand-eye coordination activities, Hextech Mayhem is definitely a game that I wouldn’t skip on. O2jam and osu! Are two of my go-to games when it comes to rhythm games so I definitely enjoyed this. There are only 3 buttons here but the aforementioned interactive elements brings the difficulty level from easy to moderate to hard real quick.

If you’re someone like me who wants to perfect every stage/level, then you’re in for a treat. When you’re playing this, bear in mind that you can be flexible and dynamic with what you want to do. Replayability is great as you can finish it in a rhythm game fashion, or improvise each time you restart the level.

Skins Win Games!

Apart from the interesting gameplay, you can also unlock various Ziggs skins with the gears that you acquire in-game. From the usual skins that you see in the original League of Legends game to exclusive ones like Jinx and Teemo Ziggs.

There are other unlockables in the game such as bombs but we’ll tackle that once our full review comes out.

Hextech Mayhem: Netflix Edition – A Blast Or A Flop?

Playing Hextech Mayhem: Netflix Edition is definitely great and with its good replayability value, interactivity, and catchy music. However, when it first launched on Steam, I didn’t buy it given that it’s a casual game. I find this similar to Cut The Rope and other arcade games that are not really worth spending money to play it. This is why it was a good move to bundle it with a subscription service such as Netflix. Overall, it was a good experience and I would definitely recommend you to try it out even if you’re not into rhythm games. Especially if you are a fan of League of Legends, its champions, and lore.

Hextech Mayhem: Netflix Edition

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. You can download Hextech Mayhem: Netflix Edition on Android, Apple Store, and Steam. You can also visit their official website here.

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