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Howdy Dice Rollers and Button Mashers, as promised here’s one of our planned articles for the many core features of Langrisser Mobile. Today we’ll be looking into the game’s hero class advancements feature and hero leveling. If you want a smaller rundown of the basic features of the game you can read the tl;dr portion of our in-depth look here.

Update: we edited the article to reflect changes to the game due to recent updates. Particularly, the Guild Store.

Sorry, we’re just really proud of our Lewin!

It’s really easy to get lost in the game thanks to the plethora of things you can do and the customizations in place. So, we’ll break each down for you into little tidbits you can better understand. Right then time to get button mashing or screen tapping rather.

Langrisser Mobile has various ways to improve your characters or heroes as the game calls them. Here’s a quick list of what you can do to improve them:

  • Leveling them up (obviously).
  • Advancing, upgrading, and mastering their classes.
  • Equipping them with gear.
  • Improving said gears via Level up and enchantments.
  • Improving their troops.
  • Increasing your bond with them, in turn, unlocking stat and troop bonuses.

For this article, we’ll only be focusing on the first two, as the others warrant their own little guide.

Leveling up

Alright, the most basic principle in raising the stats of your heroes is, well, by increasing their levels. Now, you’ll notice that after a few chapters and fights on the map that your heroes exp gain per battle will grind to a screeching halt. That’s because their main source of exp isn’t map battles, like how most other games do it, but rather exp potions.

These potions, like your heroes, have their own rarity system. Yep, we have Basic, Special, Rare, and Epic potions, which give varying amounts of exp:

  • Basic Potions (Brown pots) – Grants 50 exp
  • Special (Silver pots) – Grants 400 exp
  • Rare (Gold pots) – Grants 3,200 exp
  • Epic (Rainbow pots) – Grants 25,000 exp
Bunch of Rares!

Basic pots are your most common ones, which are easily farmable and is given in bulk. Special pots get a bit more common in later stages, while Rare pots have a steady supply in the friendship store (2 pieces for 50 friendship points) and the black market (for 6,400 gold per potion). Epic potions are quite hard to come by, but you start getting a few per day (with the daily bonus) once you hit level 35 and up in Angelica’s Special Training School (located in the Secret Realm) or via events.

Yep! We have SSRs that are still at level 1!

While it’s okay to spend your exp pots on all your heroes, maybe up until level 20-21, once you reach around, maybe level 27 or 28 it’s time to slow down. At this point, you (hopefully) already have a roster of main heroes (you’re starting 5 so to speak and then some). It’s better to focus on these heroes rather than leveling them all. That’s because once you hit 30 and up, you’ll feel the exponential increase in the required exp of your units.

At level 42, we barely get enough epic potions from dailies to level up our main roster. So early on, it’s better to stack up a few of these juices so that you have reserves when the time comes. Not to mention, you may suddenly pull a hero your roster needs that’ll require a lot of loving once you hit higher levels. This is why you don’t go and level every bit of SSR you get just because they are SSR, remember the main concept of the game is on strategy and team building, not getting the rarest and steamrolling.

To level up your heroes using pots tap on the Hero tab, go Details, (this should default at the Info tab) and tap on the “+” sign located right beside the exp bar of your hero. A pop-up window will then appear with the number of your current potions. You can either tap them individually or tap and hold to continuously provide your heroes with juice.

Advancing, upgrading, and mastering classes

Elwin’s Class Paths

Next up, we’ll look into the class system. This one of the systems that make Langrisser Mobile rather unique, that’s because the game allows multiclassing. Basically, heroes can have access to all of their available classes, with a price of course, but more on that later.

Classes are generally lumped into tiers — Tier I, II, and III (which we’ll refer to as T1, T2, and T3). T1 is the very first class of your hero, though this is different for the starting three as they have a special starting Tier (I guess to make ’em feel loved? Kidding, no hate here Almeda, Matthew, and Grenier, you guys rock!).

Permanent stat boosts!

To reach the next Tier you’ll have to master the current class of your hero, which is done through advancement. Other than allowing for a class upgrade, mastering a class also grants permanent stat bonuses. Which is why mastering the different classes of heroes are rewarding and a must in the long run.

To access this, head to the Class tab of your hero via tapping on Hero, Details, then Class. Each advancement has a required level and a set of needed materials, which are all displayed on the screen (though the required level text is kind of small) as well as what you’ll unlock upon advancement. As mentioned in our in-depth look, class advancement materials are acquired in Time Rift stages.

30k for 3 Horsemanship Scrolls!

You’ll also occasionally see these materials on the Black Market, though we don’t recommend you pick them up as gold becomes really scarce later in the game. Still, it’s an option if you’re only lacking about one or two of the said material and you’ve depleted your daily Time Rift runs. Only buy these as a last resort.

You can easily check which of the Time Rift stages offer the material you need, as well as jump to that stage (if you’ve unlocked it already), by tapping on the said material. Having a three-star rating on the stage will let you quickly farm the material by just pressing the sweep button.

With the Guild War update, you can now also purchase materials via the Guild Store (bought using contributions earned through participation in Guild Wars). This is actually a lot easier than waiting a day to farm out materials. Not to mention it costs no stamina to participate in guild wars.

Another interesting bit is that, you don’t need to unlock all of the time rifts of a particular level to access the rare materials on sale. Yep, it’s now possible to upgrade your class even if you haven’t reached that point in the Time Rift yet (sweet!). What you do need to do is unlock the very first Time Rift stage that will give that level material (Ex. you need to complete Elite 6-1 to unlock the level 55 mats). So, we highly recommend looking for a guild and actively participate in its activities.

Each class also has varying Class Quality, which you’ll have to achieve in order to master that class, each advancement will increase this. Advancing classes are not just for mastery and class upgrades but also for unlocking troops and class skills. Here’s a quick rundown of the level requirements:

T2 Troop – Elite Infantry!
  • T1 – Level 12 (first advancement | Skill unlock), Level 20 (second advancement and mastery), upgrading to the next tier costs 5k gold and will unlock the first T2 Troop.
  • T2 – Level 25 (first advancement | T2 skill unlock), Level 30 (second advancement | Second T2 Troop unlock), Level 35 (third advancement and mastery), upgrading to the next tier costs 30k gold and will unlock the first T3 skill.
The skill we unlocked during Tiaris’ Maiden Knight class upgrade!
  • T3 – Level 40 (first advancement | First T3 Troop unlock), Level 45 (second advancement | Second T3 skill unlock) – We’ve only unlocked up to this point but if the pattern continues then we assume that Level 50 unlocks the third advancement and second T3 skill and 55 masters the class.
Ledin with two mastered classes and two unlocked T3 paths.

Let’s now move on to the subject of multiclassing. As we’ve mentioned earlier and in our in-depth guide, heroes in Langrisser Mobile can freely go back and forth to the classes they have access to. This opens up a lot of possible combinations for your hero. Why? because not only do they allow you to acquire new skills and troops but you’ll also retain the ones you’ve already acquired. Yep, any and all troops and skills you’ve unlocked can freely be used by your hero.

To change your hero’s skills tap on the Hero tab, then Details (which will again default into the Info tab) and press on the “change” icon right beside your hero’s skills. After entering the change screen tap on the skill you want to remove from the slots, click remove, then tap on the new skill you want, and tap on equip, then confirm. We know, it’s quite a painfully long process, which we hope the game fixes to just let us click and drag skills to the quickslot, which is way easier than this.

Darn it game!

Noticed those small red dots? Those are skill points, a system put in place to prevent abuse of powerful skills (to stop us from being too OP!). Basically, each skill has a corresponding point, depicted by a red dot. Each hero has a maximum of 5 skill points. Meaning, heroes can only equip skills amounting to 5 points — The basic setup here is a pair of 2 cost skills and a single cost. Although, you can mix and max whichever skills you like so long as it doesn’t go over the maximum.


Of course, a system as powerful as multiclassing requires a rather hefty price. Shifting to a different class costs gold and rune stones. Rune Stones are used when shifting into a class for the first time. T2 shifts cost 5k gold and one rune stone, while T3 shifts cost 30k gold and 1 rune stone. After that, changing from unlocked classes will only require the gold amount (5k for T2, and 30k for T3).

Do note that you will still be required to master the second Tier of a class path before accessing its third Tier. For example, We’ve unlocked Bernhardt’s Brave class, which is a T3 class, if we want to make him into an Emperor we’ll have to first master his Swordsman class. We aren’t allowed to immediately jump to his Emperor class despite it being in an equal tier to the Brave class. This means in order to change to the Emperor path we’ll have to use two rune stones (one for changing into Swordsman, and one for changing into Emperor). Costly, we know.

Sold out Rune Stone!:( (Pardon the low gold, it’s getting harder to keep ’em at high levels)

Rune Stones are kind of hard to come by outside the free ones we get from the launch rewards and the mission feats — which are mastering 25 and 30 classes, which gives one Rune Stone each. The only steady supply is in the Arena shop, which costs 500 Honor and can only be bought once a month. We may occasionally see a few during events though so there’s that. In any case, spend your Rune Stones wisely, focus on using them on your core roster.

And that’s about it for our Class Advancement and Leveling guide. If we got anything wrong or missed any info do hit us up in the comments section below.

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