Alchemy Stars launches on Mobile


Alchemy Stars is a new breed of Match-3 RPG!

After quite some time in pre-registration, Alchemy Stars, finally launches on mobile. The game blends some RPG elements to the Match-3 puzzle format.

Not only is Alchemy Stars a unique take on an already quite rare genre, the game also makes use of stunning 3D visuals. Although, much like mobile RPG titles, we are met with a Gacha system. This time it’s just heroes that players gather and we have about 80 different ones from launch. To add more spice to its gameplay, there are stages where players are required to bring certain heroes. So, this is not your typical “Use all of them strong ones I have” type of game. While we did mention that the game uses a Match-3 puzzle system, it feels more like a fusion of tactics and puzzle that straight up connecting things.

As seen in the trailer above, characters are on top of a colored board. Combat is initiated by connecting the colored panels. Then characters will move along their path attacking enemies along the way. However, perhaps the most surprising aspect of the game yet is the writer of its story. The man behind the campaign of the game is none other than Tadashi Satomi, renowned for his work with the original Persona titles. In any case if you want to check the game out download links below.