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Let’s admit that we can’t help but play games regardless of whether we’re swamped with school works or work backlogs. We know the frustration of having a busy schedule since we are also doing other responsibilities. Today, we’re here to help you get games that you might want to try even though you have a really tight schedule. Let’s begin!

Note: We expanded the games into consoles, pc, and mobile to cater to each person’s playing preferences.

AFK Arena

Genre: Adventure, Action, Idle
Platform: Android, iOS

Out of all the Idle games out there, I picked AFK Arena as the most established AFK (Away From Keyboard) game in mobile. These types of games have an AFK mechanic where you can close the game and still get equipment, resources, and experience points. When I first played this game, I got hooked up immediately since I don’t really have to rush powering up. I get to play this in a chill manner whenever I have free time. There are also events and other features that will let you catch up in case you’re gone for days.

Guild systems exist here so it’s a must to join one and complete various daily and weekly guild activities. The game is also generous in giving away summoning materials for the gacha summons. Remember that these types of games rely heavily on randomness in the heroes that you’ll get. Overall, it’s a great mobile game to spend your free time on.

Games With Good Replayability

League of Legends: Teamfight Tactics

Genre: Strategy, Auto-Battle
Platform: PC, Android, iOS

I honestly don’t find the main League of Legends game to be that much fun anymore. However, one of its game modes, Teamfight Tactics is worth playing even on a hectic schedule. This game is an auto-battle strategy game that doesn’t require you to pay attention all the time. There’s a preparation time every round and you just have to do a few clicks here and there to finish.

Unless you want to play competitively but for casual plays, you won’t need to be too invested. Teamfight Tactics also lets you try different champion and item combinations in each game so you won’t feel that you’re mindlessly playing. (Except if you’re doing Yordle comps though *coughs*). Overall, it’s better if you play it with your friends or maybe classmates or workmates during your free time.

Hextech Mayhem

Genre: 2D, Platformer, Rhythm
Platform: PC, Android, iOS

As mentioned before in my in-depth look, Hextech Mayhem is a really fun rhythm game that’s worth your busy schedule. The game deviated from the hit MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game called League of Legends (LoL). You’ll get to use Ziggs, a LoL champion using bombs to pass through obstacles and complete the stage. Rhythm games are always a part of me and I always recommend games with great music and beats.

For a busy player like me, this is the perfect way to take a break from continuously working. What I’ll do is that I will have a quick run or two trying to perfect a stage before going back to work again. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

Games for your busy schedule

DJ Max Respect V

Genre: Rhythm, Multiplayer
Platform: PC, PlayStation 4

Another rhythm game on the list is DJ Max Respect V. The DJ Max franchise has been with us since our early childhood days. I remember playing it on my PlayStation Portable during my senior high school days. Even though I had school works, I can slip in 2 or 3 songs before going back to studying. The latest installment is no different and provides a better gameplay experience for players.

The mechanics are simple, timely hit the falling tiles, and follow the beats using your keyboard or controller. Not only are the songs and music are catchy, but even the background animation and video are also worth watching. If you have a short break, this will definitely soothe the stress gained from working or studying.

Games for your busy schedule


Genre: 2D, Platformer, Action, Souls-Like
Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

If you have a little bit more time to play but still can’t commit fully to playing but want a challenge, Cuphead is your game. As frustrating as this game gets, it provides great fulfillment and relief when you finish a stage. This 2D platformer action game is designed for you to fail and repeat the stage until you can complete it. You can also play with another player to share the pain and at the same time, ease up the challenges you’re facing.

In my experience, After a stressful day, I play this which frustrates me to a point that I would forget why I was stressed in the first place. It’s a weird feeling but hey, it works anyway. If you share my sentiments, you should definitely check this game out.

Soda Dungeon 2

Genre: Single Player, Casual, Strategy, Auto
Platform: Android, iOS, PC

Another idle game with different mechanics. I have played the first Soda Dungeon back in college and boy I got addicted to it. Even though I was swamped with projects and assignments, I never stopped playing the game. When Soda Dungeon 2 popped out last 2020, I knew that it was worth trying out again. This is a single-player game and your goal is to reach the highest floors/stages by continuously defeating enemies along the way.

You have the option to let your chosen hired mercenaries automatically attack without your supervision or control them at your discretion. Soda Dungeon 2 is fairly straightforward and easy to understand so I know you can run this game on the side while studying or working. It’s also available on PC so if you’re working from home, this definitely is a game to play in your background.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel

Genre: Card-Game, Strategy
Platform: Android, iOS, PC, Nintendo Switch

It’s time to du-du-du-du-du-duel! Launched last January 2022, the latest Yu-Gi-Oh video game took the world by storm. Not only does it combine all of the previous card game versions, but it also made old card game players come back to experience dueling once more. This goes without saying that you can play this even in your busiest times as Yu-Gi-Oh is a turn-based card game.

There are two things that will take your time in this game, deck building and watching your enemies complete their first turn in more than 10 minutes or so (not kidding). If you have experienced the latter, this also gives you time to work or study first before going back to check if his/her turn is done. As a fellow Yu-Gi-Oh player, I really liked playing Master Duel since this compliments my work schedule. Try it out and play with us as well if you’d like to!

That completes our list of games that fit your busy schedule. Some of them may take some of your time but I assure you that it’s worth it! What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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