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Riot just revealed a new game dubbed Hextech Mayhem, bringing in a new type of gameplay in the League of Legends universe.

  • Hextech Mayhem Gameplay
  • Hextech Mayhem Gameplay 2

Follow Ziggs, a character in League of Legends that uses bombs as its main weapon, in this rhythm game as you time your beats with his bombs to complete missions. Players can also take advantage of the Freestyle Mayhem system where you can compose your own beats. This also rewards you with more points for more booms that you produce.

Hextech Mayhem is currently available for pre-purchase on the following platforms:

Hextech Mayhem Characters

Upon pre-purchase, users will then receive a free Ruined Ziggs skin. Additionally, the game will also be available on Netflix Games which should come with the membership subscription.

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story will officially launch on November 16, 2021. To know more, see their official website then watch the official trailer here:

Apart from this, Riot Games is also celebrating its month-long set of activities called RiotX Arcane. Be sure to check that out as the company’s biggest games have a lot of rewards in store for you!

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