League of Legends new Teamfight Tactics mode works exactly like Dota Auto Chess


League of Legend’s (LoL) new mode, Teamfight Tactics, is basically Dota Auto Chess

Riot Games just announced a new mode for the upcoming Patch 9.13 of LoL — Teamfight Tactics (TFT). Although, it’s not entirely new as it takes elements of a more well-known custom map from another MOBA title — Dota Auto Chess.

Teamfight Tactics follows the same formula as Dota 2’s custom map Dota Auto Chess:

  • Fight against seven other players in a last man standing match.
  • Build a team of champions by purchasing them from a set pool.
  • Create synergies by combining origins and traits that unlock trait bonuses.
  • Combine three duplicates of a champ to create a super version of it then combine three of it again to create the ultimate version.
  • Earn gold at the end of each round.
  • Automated Combat

Perhaps the only unique mechanic we have is the champion drafting. Occasionally, there will be a special event where players draft from a single line-up of champions. The pick is based on player standing but reversed, meaning the last player gets the first pick then vice versa.

teamfight tactics

As with the courier avatars in Dota Auto Chess, LoL will introduce what they call Little Legends (LL). These small critters will basically be your avatar during your TFT battles. After the first few games, you’ll be given your first LL. Then you’ll have the option to purchase a Rare LL Egg for 490 RP a pop. These eggs have a chance to drop a special variant of an LL, with a chance of duplicates.

However, getting a dupe isn’t all that bad as like the champions in-game this will star up your LL, changing their models and effects. Everything is just purely cosmetics, so don’t worry it won’t affect combat, think of it as hero skins. After your LL reaches its third and last level, it will no longer drop from Rare Eggs. TFT will first be available on LoL’s PBE (Public Beta Environment) before hitting live servers with Patch 9.13. Ranked TFT is said to be introduced in Patch 9.14.