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Valorant, one of the most famous competitive games today, is a great start to your First-Person Shooter journey. It’s perfectly fine to just casually play the game for the heck of it.

However, if you’re open to improving your plays further then look no more! Here are 5 tips that will kickstart and boost your skills in-game. Let’s begin!


Know Where To Aim

Aiming is the most basic, yet the hardest skill to master. In Valorant, there are different damages in different body parts when you shoot enemies. The legs and arms have the lowest damage value while the head has the highest. You should also factor in the shooting distance because the farther your target is, the lower the damage. With these, you should know by now where to always aim your gun — the head of course.


Now, when aiming, you must have a presence of mind on where to lock on your crosshairs. Even if you’re moving, make it a point to aim at the head level. Meaning you almost always have your gun and crosshair aimed up. I can’t even do it consistently but, it’s definitely one of the things that make Pro players really good at the game.

Find The Right Mouse Sensitivity

Is your mouse speed moving really fast or slow? Well, that’s a sign that you have to adjust your mouse sensitivity. People may find this their least priority, but it’s important and related to how you’ll be better at aiming things.

Gaming mice normally have DPI (Dots Per Inch) adjustment (how fast your mouse can go when moving it) and it’s best paired when setting Valorant’s in-game sensitivity.

Find the most comfortable sensitivity for you which will not strain your hands too much. If you’ve found your comfort zone, you’ll definitely get more kills in the game. Do note that people have different sensitivity preferences. So copying others’ sensitivity settings may not be beneficial. After all, your friends may prefer faster or even slower sensitivity than yours.

Spray But Don’t Pray

Putting the two aforementioned tips along with proper recoil control will get you really far. You can hone these by going to Valorant’s Practice Range and choosing “Shooting Test” in the Custom Game mode. Most guns in the game are automatic meaning that you can just hold and click your left click to shoot non-stop. However, the game makes guns recoil stronger the longer you hold the trigger. Whenever this happens, your crosshair or your aim normally goes upward in direction.


My advice for you is to not go full Rambo with guns, instead, shoot in intervals. This means that you should make it a point to only make at most 5 consecutive shots on the target. Recoil is a drag so whenever your aim is off due to this, stop, readjust, then shoot again.

Doing Practice Range will not really maximize the above-mentioned skills. I suggest that you practice in the Deathmatch game mode since you’ll be playing with real people. Unrated is also great as you’ll be simulating what it feels like to be in a competitive match.

Remember to always practice because this will help you develop a certain habit that lets you get kills more often. Lastly, try to use different guns so you’ll know the patterns when shooting them. Having more options is better especially when you find yourself in clutch situations with minimal courses of action.

Don’t Be Salty About Everything


You lost the game? That’s okay. The enemy out-skilled you? That’s perfectly fine. Your attitude towards any game will always be important, especially in Valorant.

Being salty or whining at everything in the game will get you nowhere. Always remember to have fun and have a mentality where you’ll tell yourself that you’ll do better next time.

I know it’s hard to evade feeling agitated when things didn’t go as planned. However, believe me when I tell you that you’ll perform better if you don’t tilt in the game. After all, you’ll have more focus and concentration by staying chill.

Communication is Key in Valorant

Last, but definitely not the least, is having proper communication with your teammates. By this, I don’t mean to trash talk them — rather, be helpful to them without anyone getting tilted.

One thing to note when playing team games is that no man/woman is an island. Make sure to provide necessary information such as the enemy locations and how much damage you do to your opponents.

If you can constantly do this when playing competitive matches, then give a pat to yourself. This means that you’re a good team player and with this, you’re already an above-average Valorant player.

And that concludes our 5 tips on how to get better in Valorant. We know that we didn’t go into technical things in the game but with what we’ve provided, you’ll get better in no time. Not only will you be a good teammate, but you’ll also be a decent fighter overall.

My Current Rank in Valorant. Hit us up if you want to play with the Dice Gang!

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Watch Valorant’s music video here.


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