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It’s official. The Gambit vs KRU semifinal match of Valorant Champions 2021 is now the most-watched Valorant Game of all time. Peaking at around 1 million viewers across all platforms, this series beat out previous record-holder Sentinels vs KRU, which peaked at 836 thousand viewers. This also marks the first time that a Valorant esports game broke the 1 million viewership mark.

Gambit vs KRU
Gambit Esports (Photo from Riot Games and Valorant Esports)

For many, Gambit vs KRU delivered on all levels. After each team won on their own map pick, Gambit managed to overcome a halftime 8-4 lead and force quadruple overtime to claim the series, 2-1. Unfortunately, this meant that the Cinderella run of South America’s KRU was over. Gambit will face off against Acend in an all-european finals, tomorrow, 1:00 am, Philippine Time. For the latest updates on Valorant Champions, don’t forget to follow Dice & D-Pads.

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