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Playing games on your own can be really lonesome especially if you’re someone who enjoys playing with friends. Before the year ends, let us give you a list of multiplayer titles suitable for you and the gang. Let’s begin!

Author’s Note: Here at Dice & D-Pads, we cater both digital and tabletop games so that’s what we’re going to do in the coming lists. For now, we’ll head on to digital games and then we’ll have tabletop in the near future.

Digital Games

Age of Empires IV

Genre: Real-Time Strategy

Platform: Microsoft Windows

If you and your friends have been a fan of real-time strategy games, then Age of Empires IV is for you. Set in the post-classical period, the game lets you choose among iconic civilizations in that era. The game gives players diverse tactics as each civ has unique mechanics. The game supports up to 8 players and if you’re in the mood to beat AIs, then you’re in for a real treat. The hardest difficulty in this game really makes you sweat given their aggressiveness at the 5-minute marker.

Myth of Empires

Multiplayer Games

Genre: Sandbox MMO

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Myth of Empires is one of those enjoyable sandbox games when played with many people. It features base building, farming, and even army creation the likes this genre has yet to fully utilize. You will all start with nothing and the same set of tools and skills. The game is straightforward at the start but the progression branches out very quickly.

From weapon choices to available building components, you can get them all as you level up. When the Dice & D-Pads gang played this, I focused on building my own home as there are a lot of building parts and designs to choose from.

Golf With Your Friends

Multiplayer Games

Genre: Sports, Indie, Casual

Platform: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Classic Mac OS

Next on the multiplayer games list is Golf With Your Friends. For people who just love playing casually while having a good laugh, this game is for you. This highly moddable game, lets you play with up to 12 players in a match.

Just like with real-life golf, it normally follows the traditional rules when it comes to scoring. Laugh with your friends when you accidentally hit another player’s ball while trying to get in the hole. It’s an overall fun game so we recommend that you give it a try.

Pummel Party

Multiplayer Games

Genre: Party Game, Indie, Casusal

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Now, this is one of those multiplayer games that you should definitely try out with friends. Pummel Party is a “dice” game equipped with lots of mini-games that will challenge you and your friendship with your mates. Just make sure to remember that this is just a game and at the end of it, you’re all still friends!

Overcooked! 2

Genre: Party Game, Casual, Cooking

Platform: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna, Mac OS

If you’re testing out your leadership and coordination skills, Overcooked! 2 is your go-to game. This supports up to 4 players and the game mode is usually a 2v2. The main aspect of the game is for players to reach the stage goal by successfully creating and cooking foods for customers. The faster you send their dishes, the more points you’ll get. However, the catch is that there are tons of obstacles along the way and improper coordination leads to disasters.

Among Us

Multiplayer Games

Genre: Survival, Casual

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Android, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, iOS

Another friendship breaker game that you should definitely try. Among Us is a hit indie game made by InnerSloth that can hold up to 15 players (based on the latest update) per match. You will be randomly placed in one of two teams — Crewmate or Impostor.

The goal of the game is to eliminate or vote out the opposing team by using different methods. The twist is that you will use your analytical and persuasive skills to convince people on who’s who.

Nintendo Switch Games

Mario Party Superstars

Multiplayer Games

Genre: Party, Action

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Much like Pummel Party, Mario Party Superstars is Nintendo’s version of a fun party game for the Nintendo Switch. Your goal is to get the most stars in the game by completing mini-games and getting coins for various use.

The mini-games utilize your Switch Joy Controllers’ motion movement making it a physical game altogether. Try it out with friends and see which one will triumph.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Genre: Racing

Platform: Nintendo Switch

A classic multiplayer game for all ages. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is Nintendo’s latest entry into the iconic racing game franchise. Race with friends and other people and test out your drifting skills to get to the top of the ladder.

A match usually consists of 4 racing courses each with its own unique flavors. After each course, your scores will be added based on your standings. In the end, the highest score wins the game so come try it our with your friends!

Mobile Games


Multiplayer Games

Genre: Action, Casual

Platform: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows

Spaceteam is a game that will drain your voices quite literally. Back in college, this was our go-to game when we feel that we need to improve our coordination skills.

The goal of this game is to complete a set of different tasks assigned to you and your friends. Each screen has its own set of buttons and switches. Instructions will rush through your screens and you must work together to figure out who has which button or switch that needs tapping. Making teamwork and great coordination the key to getting far into the game.

Your main enemy is panic so make sure you don’t let it get on your nerves when you play this!

Call of Duty Mobile

Multiplayer Games

Genre: Action, Battle Royale, First-Person Shooter, Third-Person Shooter

Platform: Android, iOS

If you’re into competitive play, Call of Duty Mobile may be for you and your friends. This mobile game supports up to four players in a party.

You can match up and play with other players in classic COD style or try out the Battle Royale mode like PUBG. We picked this game among other popular ones due to its various game modes and stability.

That wraps up our Multiplayer Games list for 2021! We hope we gave you a good idea on what to play with your friends and loved ones!

What do you guys think? Do you have any multiplayer games that you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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