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Definitely one of the more exciting, upcoming indie games!

Ever since COVID-19 swept across the planet, people have been itching to go outside and travel. Thankfully, Season, announced at the game awards 2020, allows you to explore different cultures and living things around a dying world.

Season follows a young female protagonist on a bike as she tries to document cultures from all around the world. However, she’s in a race against the clock as a mysterious phenomenon looks to wipe out the planet. At first glance, the game’s art style looks absolutely stunning with its breath of the wild-esque graphics. It also looks like we’re in for a tearjerker story, due to the premise of exploring the world before everything dies out.

As of writing, the game doesn’t have any planned release date. We do know that it will be released on the PS5 and the PC in the near future. For the latest updates regarding the game, check out their website here: Play Season | (

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