Here comes Overwatch 2


Overwatch is getting a sequel, aptly named Overwatch 2!

One of BlizzCon’s many first-day reveals is the announcement of Overwatch 2. The sequel will feature new game modes and more.

The biggest change coming to Overwatch 2 is the introduction of co-op missions. These include story missions and repeatable hero missions. Yep, Overwatch is no longer just a team PvP game, we’re now getting some more gameplay variety. Of course, with a new game comes new maps and heroes. Players can now play in iconic international locations such as Rio De Janeiro. There’s also a new map type called Push, where team battles involve pushing a robot to your opponent’s base.

Plus, we’re getting a visual overhaul of maps, environments, and even heroes. So, expect a lot of changes in the graphics department. If you’re worried about your progress in the first game, don’t fret. Blizzard will let you keep all of your accomplishments and loots in Overwatch 2. These include your skins, player icons, sprays, emotes, and more. So, progress won’t be reset. The release date and platforms are yet to be announced, but we’ll keep an eye on those. Oh and all of these updates are also coming to the original Overwatch, so cross-play between the two is supported.

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