Valorant Champions 2021
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Riot Games just unveiled Valorant’s official music video for its upcoming Valorant Champions 2021 tournament. As part of this event, they also released their corresponding gun skins in the game.

The Valorant Champions 2021 bundle consists of the following:

Valorant Champions 2021Valorant Champions 2021
  • Vandal Champions 2021 Skin – Goes up to level 4 upgrade that comes with inspect and kill effects, finisher, and champion’s aura
  • Champions 2021 Karambit – Goes up to 3 levels including base, sound effects, and champion’s aura
  • Champion character title
  • Art of Greatness // Inspiration Player Card
  • Art of Greatness // The Flame Player Card
  • Art of Greatness // Unbreakable Player Card

The skins have a “Champion’s Aura” which allows the weapons to glow when a player has the most kills in the game. Lastly, the bundle costs VP 6,263 and is currently live inside the game.

Moreover, The Champions 2021 tournament commences on December 1 and will end on December 12. To know the scheduled matches, visit their website here. Watch their official music video below.



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