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The ROG Strix Scope PBT is a blast from the past thanks to its nostalgic getup!

The latest product to come out of the keyboard workshop of ROG is the Strix Scope PBT. However, this is no ordinary normal upgrade or iteration of a previous lineup but rather a call back to a golden era of mechanical keyboards as it sports the looks of old.

strix scope pbt

The Scope PBT is pretty much the Strix Scope we’re introduced to a month back. It sports the same FPS-centric keycaps and layout, quick-toggle switch functionality, stealth key, Cherry MX switches, and support for Aura Sync. What’s new though is the keyboard’s fashion, now adorned with powder grey and bright red colored keycaps, mimicking the getup of old-school boards.

Another change in its keycaps is the material, which are now made from PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), a type of high-quality plastic that’s sturdier and more durable than conventional ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). The Strix Scope is available in Cherry MX Red, Black, Blue, Brown, Silent Red, and Speed Silver variants. It’s pegged for a Summer 2019 release, pricing is yet to be announced.

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