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You might be asking — “what are the best enchants for my tank or damage dealer or mage?”. With quite a number of choices for enchantments, it’s easy to get lost on which one best fits your heroes. Well, worry not as we’ve got you covered. So Dice Rollers and Button Mashers, here’s our enchantment guide for the game. If you wish to know how enchantments work check out our Equipment Guide here.

Disclaimer: The contents of this guide are just suggestions and recommendations based on our experiences. We are, in no way, forcing you to follow it blindly. Its purpose is to guide and inform you into making your own decisions.

Right, we’ll be dividing the guide into the different roles the game has. Of course, just like any other game, we have our basic trinity — Healer, Tank, Damage Dealer. Yet, the game has other heroes that fit other roles.


These are typically Lancers, Heroes with high defense, and Heroes with skill sets built for taking damage/defending

Notable Tanks: Ledin, Freya, Vargas.

Our ultimate Waifu!

Let’s start with the frontlines, the stalwart shield of your group — the Tanks. For these heroes, we generally have two enchantment choices — Hard Rock and Ice. It can also be both if you have the resources to do so. That way you can swap between the two when the need arises.

Hard as a…!

Hard Rock

  • [2pcs.] Increases Def & Mdef by 5%.
  • [4pcs.] After battle gives the hero a 50% chance to recover 15% HP when below 50% Health.
  • This is the go-to enchantment in the early stages as it adds another layer of survivability for your tank (as they aren’t as sturdy yet). It’s especially helpful if they get separated from your healer and have no other healing capabilities. Not only that, Hard Rock heals troops and heroes separately. Meaning heroes don’t have to be at full health for the troops to recover HP.
  • It’s also particularly helpful for hero’s who’s talent triggers are HP based. To allow them to reach or avoid that threshold after getting hit. An example of this is Freya’s Sorrowful Choice, which only triggers when she is at 100% HP (this threshold lowers as you upgrade her star rating) and Vargas’ Superhuman Bravery (which revives him at 15% HP once per battle).
The cold never bothered me anyway!


  • [2pcs.] Increases Def & Mdef by 5%.
  • [4pcs.] 20% chance to freeze an enemy after getting attacked (frozen units cannot act for 1 turn).
  • An especially strong enchantment when paired with a very sturdy tank. In later stages, freeze can be the difference between life and death. It can also open up opportunities or give your group some breathing room.
  • We don’t recommend slapping this enchantment early on as it requires properly strengthened gear and properly built heroes.

You may be asking why we left out Thorns and Steel. Here’s why:


Well, Thorns generally returns 50% of the damage a unit takes, which is nice. However, your tank is supposed to be the hero that takes the least amount of damage out of your group. So essentially, unless your tank gets clobbered with high amounts of damage it can’t take (which also basically makes him/her useless), thorns will oftentimes return little damage.

It is, however, a good enchantment for PvP because you’ll most probably meet enemies who can hit your tank pretty hard.

If you Steel?… You Rust! (get it, get it? forgive us)

Steel, on the other hand, looks powerful at first sight as it decreases overall damage taken by 10%. It directly makes your tank sturdier and beefier, thanks to that added 10% HP. However, the other two (Hard Rock and Ice) just has better utility in combat.

Although, this is the most consistent enchantment of the bunch and is a good choice late game, due to the stat spike of enemies. Hence, having a sturdier and beefier tank is a bonus.

Damage Dealers

These are typically Cavalry, Fliers, Heroes with high attack, and Heroes with physical skills that dish out tons of damage.

Notable Damage Dealers (DD): Leon, Cherie, Dieharte


Next up, let’s talk about your main artillery, the destroyer of walls and the bringers of death — the Damage Dealers. Once again, we got two types of enchantments to look at here — Rough Sea and Breeze.

Very salty!

Rough Sea

  • [2pcs.] Increases Atk & Int by 5%.
  • [4pcs.] When attacking, increases Atk by 10% and reduces damage taken by 15%.
  • The reason why Rough Sea is so good for damage dealers is that they are always locked in combat, and are actively attacking. This enchantment allows them to dish out more damage during attacks and gives them some bit of defense with the damage reduction.
  • After all, these units aren’t built to survive that much, unlike our tanks. So that added damage reduction is sweet. Take note, that’s not just additional Def or Mdef to reduce damage, it lessens the overall damage you receive.
  • This also works well with buffs that trigger when you are actively attacking. Like Tiaris’ Attack Blessing (which increases damage dealt by 30% and reduces damage taken by 50% when actively attacking), since Atk and damage increase are two different buffs, these two can be combined together. Although that 50% damage reduction won’t be added to your existing 15%, it’ll instead replace it.
  • The biggest downside to Rough Sea is that its effect only triggers when your hero is the one attacking. Meaning during defense, they only benefit from the two-piece bonus.


  • [2pcs.] Increases Atk & Int by 5%
  • [4pcs.] Increases damage dealt by 10%. After taking action, 30% chance to increase Mobility by 2 for one turn.
  • This is a particularly helpful enchantment for Cavalry and Fliers as it has a chance to add another two blocks to their already high movement. Which will allow you to do better placements for them or to let them reach previously unreachable enemies, particularly pesky mages and archers.
  • There’s also that 10% damage increase, which triggers whether you’re attacking or defending. This is an effect that works well with Atk buffs, such as Strengthen and Faction buffs. Since they can actively work together. Plus, Atk buffs are more widely available than damage increase ones.

So how about Full Moon? Well, the two-piece effect is nice but the four-piece one isn’t that helpful to all conventional damage dealers (Cavalry to be exact). While the 10% Atk and Def increase may seem good, remember that it only triggers when your hero has above 80% HP. So, once your hero passes that threshold, it essentially becomes useless.

We’ve yet to test if this one can be stacked with Faction buffs or Atk and Def ones, if it does, then it will be a more viable enchantment. If not, then it’ll be even less viable, in general. Yet, it does pair well with heroes who have healing abilities such as Elwin and Cherie. Since they have the chance of breaking past the threshold on their own.


These are typically Holy units, Heroes with healing skills, and Heroes with passives that can heal others.

Notable Healers: Liana, Tiaris, Sophia

Our Bae healer (isn’t she so “kawaii” with her eyes closed?!)

The angels of the battlefield, the saviors, and the saints — the Healers. Actually, there is really only one enchantment for healers and that’s Crystal. Unless you want to beef them up instead of increasing their healing capabilities then you can also opt for Tree of Life or Steel.


  • [2pcs.] Increases Def & Mdef by 5%.
  • [4pcs.] Increases healing by 20%.
  • The enchantment is pretty self-explanatory. Any and all healing done by the Hero will be increased by 20%, whether it be a passive or active heal. It’s also nice that it adds a little bit more bulk to your healer thanks to the Def and Mdef increase.
It’s the circle of…wait that’s wrong

Tree of Life

  • [2pcs.] Increases HP by 10%.
  • [4pcs.] Gives an aura to the hero that increases the Def & Mdef of allies within 2 blocks.
  • This is the only enchantment available that imbues a hero with an aura. Auras work a bit differently from buffs since they are considered as area effects. So, this enchantment works especially well with Faction buffs as well as Atk and Def buffs, since they can be stacked. The added HP also allows your healer to survive longer, especially in instances where Def or Mdef are ignored (ex. The Anikis’ Macho Blast skill) and where health is a big factor (ex. Goddess Trials).


Well, if you outright just need a hero to be sturdier in the field then slapping them with Steel is the best method. Especially since healers are typically very, very, very squishy.

Critical Damage Dealers

These are typically Assassins, Archers, Swordsmen, Heroes with high skill, and Heroes with talents and skills that increase crit rate or crit damage.

Notable Critical Damage Dealers: Dieharte (High Master route), Kirikaze, Silver Wolf

Noble Husbando!

The clean-up crew, the snipers, the elusive killers, and wound openers — the critical damage dealers. These heroes are another form of attack dogs and death bringers. Only this time they focus more on dishing out critical hits rather than just plain damage. Their main purpose is to be a backup damage dealer, sweeper, or softener for your main killer. You only ever have two choices for these heroes — Shooting Star or Meteor/Blazing Sun.


Blazing Sun

  • [2pcs.] Increases Crit by 5%.
  • [4pcs.] Increases Crit Damage by 20%.
  • The enchantment is pretty self-explanatory. This is just your plain-old Crit adding effect combo. In that, it increases both trigger rate and damage output of critical hits.

Meteor/Shooting Star

Now, the translation of Meteor is actually a little bit confusing since it states “after entering battle” instead of “after battle”. In any case, we interpreted this as during battle, since the effect would rather be useless if it’s added after battle. Yes, we’ve also thought about the possibility that this may be done to add damage to skills like Sneak Attack, but those are fixed damage skills, so there’s that.

Note: We’ve messaged Langrisser directly for clarifications so we’ll edit or confirm the info in this article once we have the answer.

Edit: We’ve now confirmed that the buff applies during combat, so our first assumptions were correct.

  • [2pcs.] Increases Crit by 5%
  • [4pcs.] When attacking an opponent with HP above 80%, increases all damage dealt by 20% after the battle.
  • This enchantment is best used for back-up damage dealers or softeners as the damage increase is added when fighting healthy enemies. Take note, it states that “all damage dealt” are increased, meaning critical hit damages are also affected, apart from your normal hits. This may also open the possibility of one-shotting an opponent if you trigger a critical. So, really it’s a very strong enchantment for crit damage dealers.


These are typically your Magic users, Heroes with high Int, and Heroes with skills that are skill damage based.

Notable Mages: Bozel, Lana, Egbert, Imelda

The debuffers, Tank wreckers, Area damagers, and just pain in the asses heroes — the Mages. We have two choices for our staff wielding stingers — Magic and Clock.


  • [2pcs.] Increases Atk & Int by 5%
  • [4pcs.] Increases skill damage by 10% and AoE damage by an additional 5% (AoE skills effectively get a +15% bonus)
  • Again, a rather self-explanatory enchantment. Basically, this makes every bit of your Mage’s stings hurt more. Especially useful if you want AoE skills to dish out more damage.


  • [2pcs.] Increases Atk & Int by 5%
  • [4pcs.] 30% chance to reduce the cooldown of the skill you used by 5.
  • This is the go-to enchantment if you want the opportunity to spam the magic skills of your mages, thanks to that 30% CD reduction chance.
  • This is also a nice enchantment to put on skill-based characters, not just mages. Particularly Chris, who relies on her Discipline and Redemption skills, that dish out quite a fair amount of damage and heals herself or allies to boot.
  • This is also useful for characters like Bernhardt or Aaron, who has access to “Shield Bash”, a skill that stuns. This enchantment will allow them to continuously lock an enemy in place, if your luck permits it.

Additional Advice

You can pair up two different enchantments just for the stat bonuses

Now, this may sound a bit absurd since you’re kind off losing out on the better effects of completing a whole set but there are heroes out there who can benefit from this. One prime example is Luna, who exchanges her Atk stat for her Mdef Stat by 1.5x when using the skill “Wind Spiral”. This is also the same for Bozel, whose talent works almost the same, he replaces his Int for 1.5x his Mdef. So both of these heroes will benefit largely from having their Mdef increased by 10% if you pair up two different enchantments.

We just want to showcase our Lewin again, Tee hee!

And that’s about it for our enchantment guide. We hope this gave you a general idea on which enchantment to use on your heroes. Again, these are just suggestions and recommendations. You can put whatever enchantment you wish on your heroes, so long as it helps your current situation.

If we missed some info or got anything wrong, do hit us up in the comments section below.

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