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Hey there Dice Rollers and Button Mashers. We’re here once again to take a look at another core feature of Langrisser Mobile. This time around we’re going to focus on the Equipment System of the game, another one of those features that improve your heroes. As always, we’ll be explaining the basics then provide you with some tips and tricks. Let’s get to it then!

Update: we edited the article to include new content from recent updates. Particularly, the Guild Store.

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I think by now you know who our favorite hero is!

We’ll do away with how to access the equipment portion and how to equip gear as that is fairly self-explanatory. So, we’ll be moving on to equipment strengthening and star upgrades.

Equipment Strengthening and Star Upgrade

It’s hammer time!

Just like heroes, gears also have levels, which are improved using crafter’s hammers (their own version of exp pots). Like exp pots, we have Basic, Special, Rare, and Epic crafter’s hammers, which give varying amounts of exp:

  • Basic Crafter’s Hammer (Brown) – Grants 30 exp
  • Special Crafter’s Hammer (Silver) – Grants 120 exp
  • Rare Crafter’s Hammer (Gold) – Grants 480 exp
  • Epic Crafter’s Hammer (Rainbow) – Grants 2000 exp

These hammers are generally obtained from Goddess Trials, map events, the Blackmarket, and at the Friendship Store (50 FP for one Rare Crafter’s).

Hey, what u doing man?!

Extra gear can also be used as strengthening material, though they grant significantly less exp:

  • N Equipment (Brown) – Grants 15 exp
  • R Equipment (Silver) – Grants 45 exp
  • SR Equipment (Gold) – Grants 150 exp
  • SSR Equipment (Rainbow) – Grants 450 exp

We don’t see the point in wasting SR and SSR equipment (obviously) just as gear feeds. However, the Ns and Rs are a good alternative in case you find yourself lacking in crafter’s hammers. Although, you may want to just transmute those into gold as you’ll quickly learn that the expenses in this game rise exponentially (Transmutation is accessed via the Bag tab, then by tapping on the Alchemy button on the lower right). So use them as some kind of last resort.

Sizzling Hot!

The Ns and Rs just basically add stats to your heroes, while SRs and SSRs provide a bit more. This is the reason why we don’t recommend using SR and SSR as strengthening materials. Once these reach level 10, an additional skill or stat bonus will be unlocked. These skills and bonuses can range from outright adding a percentage to a particular stat to introducing various new effects.

For example, the Scorching Staff SR equipment at lv.10 unlocks the “Burn” skill, which has a 30% chance to deal a fixed amount of damage (0.5x the hero’s ATK) to a unit when initiating combat. Further strengthing the gear, in increments of 10, will enhance the level of the skill.

Let’s move on to star upgrades. As you might have noticed, gears also have their very own star rating. This rating dictates their maximum level:

  • 1 star – level cap of 5
  • 2 star – level cap of 10
  • 3 star – level cap of 20
  • 4 star – level cap of 30
  • 5 star – level cap of 40
  • 6 star – level cap of 50

To upgrade the star rating of a piece of equipment you’ll need a duplicate copy of it and runes. Each of the different equipment pieces requires a specific rune:

Oooh, Shiny!
  • Weapon Rune (Red) – for Weapons
  • Headware Rune (Blue) – for Helmets
  • Armor Rune (Green) – for Armors
  • Accessory Rune (Purple) – for Accessories

Just like with class advancement materials, equipment star upgrade materials are farmed at the Time Rift. You can also quickly access Time Rift stages offering these materials by simply tapping on them.

With the Guild War update, you can now also purchase runes via the Guild Store (bought using contributions earned through participation in Guild Wars). This is actually a lot easier than waiting a day to farm out runes. Not to mention it costs no stamina to participate in guild wars. Another interesting bit is that you don’t need to unlock all the higher level rifts to access the rare runes on sale.

Yep, it’s now possible to upgrade your gear even if you haven’t reached that point in the Time Rift yet (sweet!). You do need to unlock the very first Time Rift stage that offers one of the runes. After that, all the runes of the particular level group will be accessible in the guild store. So, we highly recommend looking for a guild and actively participate in its activities.

Martial up!

Apart from using a duplicate copy of the equipment, you can alternatively use a martial spirit. Basically, they will serve as the replacement dupe for your equipment. These spirits are available at the equipment tab of the store — Rare Martial Spirits (for SR equipment) costs 200 Mithril Ore (obtained from Goddess Trial), while Epic Martial Spirits cost 300 Orichalcum Ore (obtained from Goddess Trial). They can also sometimes drop during Goddess Trial runs or are handed out during events.

Equipment Enchantments

Remember those coveted item sets from other games you simply spend hours farming for? Those that add stat bonuses or effects once you equip a number of its pieces? Well, that’s almost the same in Langrisser Mobile, except for one tiny tidbit. Instead of farming for these sets, the game gave us the power to create our own. Yep, you read that right, we are the ones creating the equipment sets.

Now don’t get too excited about the fact that we can create sets, as we can’t freely make our own effects. Instead, the game gave us a selection of enchantment scrolls to imbue our equipment with. These enchantment scrolls add two things — Stat bonuses and Set Effects.

First, let’s talk about those stat bonuses. These bonuses are randomly applied every time you enchant a piece of equipment, think of it as a Gacha but for stats. Now, you are given the option to save the stat rolls you got, roll again (so long as you still have copies of the enchant scroll you’re using), or cancel the roll altogether.

You can also replace the existing bonuses you have on your equipment. Don’t worry, you aren’t forced to replace saved bonuses on a piece of equipment, simply cancel the new enchants by tapping the “x” button if your previous ones are better.

Complete set!

Next up, let’s talk about those set effects. You’ll notice that enchantment scrolls have [2 pcs.] and [4pcs.] inscribed on them, with a corresponding stat bonus or effect. To activate these bonuses and effects you have to equip different gears imbued with the same enchantments.

For example, our Lewin has a weapon imbued with the Rough Sea enchantment, which adds 5% Atk and Int if you have two pieces [2 pcs.] equipped. To activate that effect we’ll have to put Rough Sea on one of the other remaining three pieces of equipment (Helmet, Armor, Accessory) or equip one that already has it.

The same goes for the [4 pcs.] effect, we’ll have to put Rough Sea on all of Lewin’s equipment to activate it. The best indicator for this is that the enchant emblems glow once you have at least two of them active. The texts of the bonuses will also be highlighted once you have 2 and 4 pieces active.

Enchantments aren’t permanent, you can freely overwrite whatever enchantment you already have imbued on a piece of equipment. Scrolls are generally acquired in the Goddess Trial, at the store, or at certain Joint Battles. The Blackmarket will occasionally sell scrolls too, of varying rarity, which can cost as high as 300k a piece (for rare enchants). Again, we advise you to buy these as a last resort.

Rainbows for sale!

They can also be bought using Mithril and Orichalcum Ore at the equipment tab. Although this is a limited method, you can only buy a total of 10 special enchant packs (costs 200 Mithril per pack) and 5 rare packs (200 Orichalcum) per week. These packs include 5 copies of the enchant you choose. Unless you are in dire need of Martial spirits, this is the way to go when you want to get a particular enchantment.

Tools of the Trade

Right, that’s about all the basic knowledge you need to start strengthening, star upgrading, and enchanting. We’ll now move on to some tips and general advice.

Do not be afraid to strengthen an N, R, or SR equipment.

As we mentioned earlier the game has an alchemy feature where you can transmute equipment for gold. Although that’s not the only thing it does as transmuting a piece of equipment will give you back all the gold and crafter’s hammers you’ve used to strengthen it.

What it does not return, however, are the materials you used for star upgrades and enchant scrolls. So be careful in overly pumping a piece of equipment. In any case, at least when you’re swapping out an SR equipment for an SSR it’s good to know all hope is not lost. Since you can transfer the strengthening mats over to that shiny new rainbow.

Why can’t we just mine these?!

One more thing, as you’ve seen in the video above, SR equipment also gives Mithril Ore when transmuted. The same goes for SSR equipment, though they provide Orichalcum Ores instead. This is also a good source of ores if you’re looking to get more enchant scrolls or martial spirits and have tons of SR gear lying around.

You can lock pieces of equipment to prevent them from being accidentally transmuted

In case you have a certain kind of love for a piece of gear or just want your SSR equipment protected, then you’ll be happy to know that they can be locked. Locking a piece of equipment will remove them as an option in alchemy, essentially preventing you from accidentally transmuting them.

Locking can be done via tapping on a currently equipped gear of a hero then pressing the “lock” icon on the upper right. This can also be done on the “change” equipment screen, which allows you broader access to lock gears, even by those equipped by your other heroes. This method does not, in any way, lock the equipment to the hero currently wearing it. It’s only in place to prevent equipment from being transmuted.

Do not waste your vouchers on equipment summons

Big no-no!

Unless you are a whale who has tons of money to spend, stay away from equipment summons. Even the x10 summon (which guarantees at least two SR equipment) is a total waste of your Trinity Vouchers. This is because SR and SSR gear can be freely farmed at the Goddess Trial and even in the daily equipment map events.

Create different equipment sets for your heroes

We really love our Rs!

You aren’t mandated to use just one particular set of equipment for your heroes. If you wish, you may use different sets and builds for them so that you have options when the need arises. It may be a bit expensive to do but it’ll be a worthwhile investment in the long run. Just be sure to lock these particular gear when not in use.

The best place to farm SSR equipment is by fighting Dragons

Lightning and the Thunda!

If you are truly in need of new gear then the best spot to farm them is by challenging the Dragons of the secret realm. Starting at Lv. 40 these bad boys have a chance of dropping SSR equipment. Although, we only recommend you do this if you have no other priority at hand (class advancement, finishing time rift, etc) as stamina costs are quite high, even in co-op.

It’s also best to have a dedicated group you can communicate with during battles since Lv.40 and above dragons are not your usual walk in the park. Each dragon also has a specific set of equipment drops:

  • Fire Dragon – Weapons, Helmets, and Armor
  • Ice Dragon – Armors
  • Thunder Dragon – Helmets
  • Dark Dragon – Weapons

And that’s about it for our equipment guide. If you have any questions or if we got any info wrong and also missed a few, do hit us up in the comments section below.

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