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The vivo T series of gaming phones are finally entering the Philippines!

vivo is looking to capitalize on the fame and fortune of their mobile gaming T series further as they prepare to launch it in the Philippines. The brand’s newest upper mid-range premium gaming phones, the T1 5G and T1x, already have a good reputation in other countries.

vivo t series

The T1 5G and T1x are already out in other countries, receiving acclaim for being bang-for-the-buck for gaming. The phones are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778G and 680 processors. Both phones also feature 4G and 5G variants along with high refresh rate AMOLED displays. The T1 5G and the T1x are scheduled to make their official appearance in stores this month of May. The two will be direct competitors to the likes of the Realme 8 and Redmi Note 11S. We’ll keep an eye out for pricing and exact availability as we get closer to an official launch. Meanwhile you can check out the teasers in vivo’s Philippine website.

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