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CONQuest 2023 kicked off today to a strong start with tons of visitors despite being a weekday. If you’re planning on attending or have your tickets for the weekends, then we got you covered. Here are the things to do at CONQuest 2023!

Meet and Greet Celebrities, Internet Personalities, and Talents

Perhaps the biggest draw of this year’s CONQuest is their star-studded list of guests you can meet in their designated Meet Zone. The event has its own venue entirely dedicated to letting fans interact with well-known internet and gaming personalities from Valkyrae to Pokimane and more.

However, only those who paid extra are allowed entry into the Meet Zones. If you’re willing and have the budget then this is the best time to have some moments with your favorite gaming personalities and talents.

Attend the Music Night

Things to do at CONQuest 2023

Arguably the second draw of the convention, right after the meet and greet, is Music Night. The newest event CONQuest added to its roster celebrating, well, music. There is a paywall of Php 5,000 though but for that price, you get to witness a night of festivities with celebrity guests and bands. The first night concluded on day 1 though the bulk of the music guests will perform on Day 2. So, you still have time to buy a ticket if you wish.

Visit Showfloor Booths

While there are no big events, announcements, meet and greets, or shows happening at any of the venues, the best thing you can do is to visit show floor booths. There’s a lot to explore in CONQuest’s multi-venue setup. These can range from brand booths to game developers and even talent ones with the likes of Tier One being present. So, this is the best time to explore what these companies have to offer.

Especially the game developer booths such as Garena’s and Riot’s. You can experience some of their Intellectual Properties (IP) in real-world activities and games. As for Brand booths, well some have CONQuest 2023 exclusive deals and promotions. So, now might be a good time to upgrade your peripherals and whatnot if you’ve been planning to.

Watch Events, Talks, and Presentations at the Center Stages

CONQuest 2023 isn’t just a convention and a meet and greet but also an avenue for some tournaments, talks, workshops, and presentations. As such, there is a whole schedule of events happening at the center stages of the different venues. You can listen in on discussions about gaming as well as watch esports fights unfold in real-time.

Purchase Goodies

As with all conventions, this is the perfect place to buy some gaming goodies. There are a variety of shops all around the event venues selling all kinds of stuff from stickers to clothing, and even collectibles such as action figures and toys. There are also brand booths as we’ve mentioned earlier with their exclusive event deals and promotions.

Watch Esports teams train

Wondering why National University is part of the venue? Well, as it so happens this is the venue for you to join workshops and even watch Esports players train. The Zone has various rooms housing Esports teams in different gaming platforms such as PC and Mobile. Attendees can witness these teams train in real time with their coaches. Apart from that there are also viewing areas for the tournaments happening all around the CONQuest venues and a canteen to get some chow.

Explore the different CONQuest 2023 “Zones”

CONQuest strategically divided each of its venues into “Zones” so you know exactly where you are and what you can do there. Here are some of the notable ones you can visit and explore.

Quest Market

The Zone covers most of the second-floor SMX Convention Center venue. This serves as the general goods area where you can purchase a slew of different merchandise. Including stickers, shirts, collectibles, toys, and a whole lot more.

Quest Market Special Guests

If you’re up for some more meet and greet with celebrities and internet personalities, then you’re in luck. Past the Quest Market general area is the Quest Market Special Guest Zone, where some more celebs sell their own merch and meet with fans. This is also your best shot at meeting some of them if you can’t shell out the arguably more expensive yet intimate pass to enter the Meet Zone.

It may not be in a closed-door setting but at least you can still ask for pictures or have your items signed. If you’re lucky and the lines aren’t that long you may even get the chance to chat with them for a while.

Tabletop Area

Check out the other side of the gaming world in the Tabletop Zone located on the second floor of the SMX Convention Center venue. Get to play and socialize with board games, role-playing games, card games, and more. There are tables set up so you and your friends can experience these first-hand.

There are even demo areas where you can learn to play games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, and a lot more. Then, if you ever enjoy any of these games, you can take them how as there are also store booths selling them in the area.


Also located on the second floor of the SMX Convention Center is the Indie Zone. A place where small-time or even up-and-coming developers have set up shop. These include freelancers and even students from university organizations or game development courses.

Get to experience their indie games first-hand, ranging from casual to hardcore. You never know, you might be playing the next big hit if these games ever make it to the mainstream or garner attention.

Acad Arena

Of course, as hosts of the event, they have their very own area. Acad Arena themselves have a zone where attendees can start to do “quests” to earn entries to rewards. Apart from the starting point for the aforementioned quests, the Zone is also a great place to take pictures.

Play Zone

If you’re tired from all the walking and celebrity meets then maybe you want to sit back, relax, and play some games. Luckily, CONQuest 2023 has a Play Zone setup, complete with consoles such as the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch for attendees and their friends to enjoy.

Just Dance Dedicated Zone

If you’re more of the active type of gamer and don’t want to just sit back and relax then you can try your hand or should we say feet at the dedicated Just Dance Zone. Gather your friends or fly solo as you get to dance to the hit songs in this year’s edition of the popular dancing game. As long as you have the confidence to have an audience of your fellow CONQuest attendees.

Esports zone

Things to do at CONQuest 2023

For Esports fans, this is the Zone to be. Located on the main floor of the SMX Convention Center, the Esports Zone is where tournaments happen live complete with shoutcasters, and is broadcasted on big screens throughout the venues. So, if you want to witness some live battles of League of Legends, Valorant, and more then this is the place to be.

Stream Zone

For content creators out there, and aspiring ones too, CONQuest prepared a dedicated Zone for you guys to play and record live. The area is a godsend for anyone wishing to record or try their hand at streaming as it’s complete with good lighting, couches, props, and powerful PC Builds. You’ll have to sign-up early though as slots are always full.

Take a break from all the walking

Things to do at CONQuest 2023

With CONQuest 2023’s multi-venue setup, you’re bound to tire at some point. Luckily, the organizers anticipated this and created a designated area where weary attendees can sit down and rest. They could’ve done better as the area is just a large open space where people sit on the floor.

However, it’s better than not having a place to rest at all. Plus right beside it is the official CONQuest 2023 merch booth, where you can buy some items to remind you of your adventures.

Munch away your worries and fatigue at the Food Street

CONQuest 2023 knows that a lot of walking leads to a lot of empty stomachs as such they upped their food game for this year by dedicating an entire street just for food merchants. That’s right, just outside the SMX Convention Center’s Seashell Lane you’ll find an entire row of food stalls. From Pizzas to Fries to Pop Corn to refreshments and a bunch more, you’ll definitely find what you’re craving after a long-days walk and exploration.

Wanna know what goodies you can buy at CONQuest 2023? Head on over here to find out!

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