Goodies you can buy at Retro Gaming Expo


Retro Gaming Expo is underway here in the Philippines at Fisher Mall, Quezon City and boy does it have a lot to offer already. Apart from the old school console showcase and the retro console and board game play area, the expo has several merchants selling various wares.

Feels like the 90’s again!

Although, these aren’t your ordinary gaming merch as the items have survived the test of time. Yep, it ain’t a retro gaming expo if there aren’t any classic stuff right? Well there are tons of them here and it’ll drive your nostalgic hearts nuts.

An entire family of historical consoles in a single layout!

The items available will take you back in time. They have stuff from the early 2000’s and even way way back. Here are some of the general goodies you can get:


Are those limited edition N64s?!?!

There are loads of Nintendo goodies from the merchants of Retro Gaming Expo. You’ll find cartridges and CDs for the N64, NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Gamecube, Wii, DS, 3DS, and New 3DS. Basically, there are games for almost, if not, the entire generation of Nintendo’s consoles.

A NES Deluxe Set?!?😱

Not only that, but the consoles themselves are up for grabs, from the Game & Watch up to the Nintendo Switch and everything in between.

A Super Famicom (SNES) Carrying Case?!

They also have accessories and controllers for the said consoles. The items range from as low as Php 50 (~$1) up to as much as Php 30,000 (~$576) (For the NES Deluxe Set, sweet jesus!).

Sony PlayStation

Haven’t seen one of these in a long time!

Apart from Nintendo, we also have some Sony PlayStation goodies. Just like with Nintendo we have merchandise for almost the entire PlayStation lineup. These range from CDs to controllers and even memory cards. The consoles themselves are also available for purchase.

So many memories with this one!

The PlayStation goodies range from Php 300 (~$6) up to Php 17,495 (~$335).


Hello there my old friend!

Of course, Microsoft’s infamous box console, the Xbox, wasn’t left out. There are secondhand CDs for the said console as well as the classic controller we all love. Sadly, there isn’t much in terms of secondhand Xbox consoles, on display that is.

Who could forget about this bad boi!

In any case, Xbox items range from Php 250 (~$5) up to Php 7,000 (~$134).

Dreamcast, Neo Geo, and others


Apart from the remaining Big Three we still have today, we also have goodies from consoles that are no longer part of the modern age yet still immensely loved. Yes folks, you can still buy working and in good condition discontinued consoles such as the Sega series of consoles, Neo Geo Family, Atari, Panasonic, and much more.

Is that a Neo Geo AES?!

You won’t be left hanging with just the consoles though, as game cartridges, CDs, accessories, and even controllers for these old but not forgotten systems are littered across the merchandise area. These items range from Php 500 (~$10) up to a whopping Php 40,000 (~$768) (For that sweet Neo-Geo AES).

Action figures, Gunpla, and more


You aren’t limited to just video games here at Retro Gaming Expo. There are also other merch available such as action figures, t-shirts, keychains, stickers, and even gunpla.

Pins, Stickers, and so much more!

These items start at Php 25 (~$0.50) and can go as high as Php 12,100 (~$232).

Tabletop games

A wide selection of tabletop goodies!

Board games weren’t left out either as Game Detective has their very own free tabletop play area, where you can try out and learn various tabletop games. They are selling some items as well.

omae wa mou shindeiru!

That’s about it! So if you have the time today or this weekend be sure to give Retro Gaming Expo a visit. Its truly a place where you can once again live out your childhood gaming days. Not to mention, most of the consoles available are bundled with games and controllers, so it’s a complete package.

Apart from that, who knows, you may be able to find that old classic you’ve been looking for all those years.

A young Kratos!

If ever you won’t get the chance to visit the expo physically there’s still a way to get your hands on the goodies on display as most, if not all, merchants are part of Retro Gamers & Collectors Philippines (RGCP). You can go ahead and join the group if you want to get in touch with them.