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Official CONQuest 2023 Merchandise

Of course, the main goodie you can buy at the event is their official merch. What better way to commemorate and remember your attendance than having clothing and more with logos and designs of CONQuest 2023 itself?

Merchandise of Gaming Personalities and Talents

If you don’t have the budget for the more private meet and greet don’t worry you have another opportunity without the extra cost. Located on the second floor of the SMX Convention Center is an area called the Quest Market Special Guests. This Zone is where the invited gaming personalities and talents have set up booths to sell their official merchandise. You may even have these items signed or have the opportunity to interact with them and take selfies.

Gaming Peripherals

Scattered all around the venue are booths of well-known and even hidden gem brands that sell gaming peripherals. So, if you’re in the market for a new mouse, keyboard, headset or whatnot now is a good time to do some shopping. Especially since some of these brands have CONQuest exclusive deals and promos.

TableTop Games

Why stop at just learning and playing at the Tabletop Area when you can buy a copy to take home? There are multiple known retailers right beside the Tabletop play area perfect for grabbing the game you were just playing. If you’re an enthusiast this might also be the golden opportunity to pick up a new game or buy one you’ve been hunting for quite a while.

Assortment of Gaming and Anime Merchandise

Just like with any other convention, CONQuest is the perfect place to purchase gaming and anime-related merchandise. All around the multi-venue convention, you can find tons of items from clothing, to stickers, to collectibles, and even commissioned works. Although the main area is the Quest Market on the second floor of the SMX Convention Center. This is also the best time to support up-and-coming local artists and small-time businesses that focus on gaming and anime. We’re pretty sure there is something for everyone somewhere there.

Wanna know what to do at CONQuest 2023? Head on over here to find out!

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