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Call of Dragons, Farlight’s next take on the strategy genre, is finally available globally after opening its doors to select countries a few months back. The game is loosely similar to another well-known strategy title Rise of Kingdoms (RoK) from Farlight’s parent company, Legou Games. Although with its own unique take on the genre that arguably separates itself from RoK.

Call of Dragons is available both on Mobile and PC, it blends high fantasy with real-time strategy and base building in a world it calls Tamaris. The game retains most of the DNA of Legou Games’ other famous strategy title, Rise of Kingdoms. However, it’s not exactly a carbon copy per se. Apart from the differing theme Call of Dragons also feature the following which separates itself from RoK:

  • Behemoths – Large creatures that alliances can hunt, tame, and use in combat.
  • 3D Terrain and Flying Legions – Heroes can position themselves in favorable terrain to avoid melee confrontation and strategically fight their opponents. They can also deploy flying units, which can traverse the map unimpeded.
  • Story Quests – As a high fantasy title, Call of Dragons has its very own story, which not only gives you an overview of the world but also some sweet rewards.
  • Policies – Similar to technologies, these policies grant bonuses such as faster gathering, more resource output, more legion load capacity, etc.
  • Artifacts – Equippable items that provide stat boosts, passives, and active skills to your heroes.

The game soft-launched to a select few countries before becoming globally available today. Though, much like RoK, new servers are always opening so new players don’t get immediately left out by older ones. In any case, if you want to try Call of Dragons out you can download the game via the links below:

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