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Some classics get reborn once more as Atlus and SEGA announce the arrival of Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection for Steam and the Nintendo Switch. The game will pack and remaster all three original Etrian Odyssey titles into one HD Remastered collection.

The first entry into the Etrian Odyssey franchise came out on the Nintendo DS way back in 2007. It has since grown into multiple games and spin-offs, the latest being Etrian Odyssey Nexus. Now, the first three titles that cemented the series will be getting an HD remaster. Meaning better visuals and gameplay improvements. Here are some of the quality-of-life changes we are getting with this remaster.

  • More Difficulty Levels – Picnic, Basic, and Expert
  • Choose how you want to draw maps – You can draw maps of your surroundings by either using the controller or touching the screen.
  • Auto-mapping – Improvements to Auto-mapping and a new mode for automatically recording floors and walls.
  • Increased save slots
  • More character creation options
  • You can now check your party’s buffs/debuff status
  • New Reference function – Allows players to look up information on their enemies during battle.
  • Online Play for Oceanic Quests

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection releases June 1st, 2023 with an early bird bonus DLC dubbed the Character Portrait DLC Set. This bonus allows players to change the appearances of their adventurers to ATLUS characters you can see in the gallery above. Ringo and Joker for Etrian Odyssey I, Demi-Fiend and Teddi for II, and Nahobino and Aigis for III. Although these are just concept arts and not the final sprites you will see in-game.

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