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The Electronic Sports & Gaming Summit not only has events, presentations, and tournaments but also some loots and goodies. While most of the stuff you may take home are free thanks to giveaways and raffles, you still do have the option to splurge on merch. Especiially, when most brands have ESGS exclusive sales and packages. So, if you’re attending ESGS 2022 be sure to pack a heavy wallet. Either way here are the ESGS 2022 merchandise you can expect to see.

Official ESGS 2022 Merchandise

If you want to further show your support for ESGS 2022, then why not grab a few of their official merchandise? The event hosts themselves have shirts, caps, and other apparel with their very own branding. Perfect to wear around when you are roaming the showfloor.

Gaming Peripherals, monitors, Chairs

This is your chance to upgrade your gaming set-up at home, whether it be PC or console as there are tons of gaming peripherals up for grabs at ESGS 2022. We’ve got brands such as Redragon and Rotobox offering up keyboards, mice, and headsets. JBL has your audio needs with their speaker line-ups built for gaming.

Then we also have monitors from Agon from AOC as well as Viewsonic’s gaming line. Fantech is back too with their peripherals and gaming chairs. Either way, you’ve got a lot of items to choose from, again all of these are at a bargain or have freebies to boot.

Laptops, Desktops, and PC Components

If you have a bigger budget then maybe you fancy getting some Laptops, Desktops, and/or PC Components. Brands like ASUS ROG, MSI, and Acer Predator have their gaming line-ups at the ready for new homes.

Fantech and Redragon are here too offering some desktop components such as cases and fans. As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are some exclusive event bundles like ROG’s prebuilt desktops specially made for ESGS 2022.

Assortment of Gaming and Anime Merchandise from Indie Artists

Perhaps the one that will actually keep you coming back for more and your best source of unique merchandise is the artists alley. Here you can find stickers, clothes, keychains, pins, albums, and more from freelance, established artists, or well-known resellers.

Some even offer commission work if you want a particular design for a particular product. There are also some lifesize weapons courtesy of Long Live Play and smaller ones if you don’t have the space.

Go Retro with Old School Consoles

Relive the glory days of home and handheld consoles with the offerings of Retro Gamers and Collectors Philippines. Apart from their free gaming area where they have old-school consoles set-up for you to play those classics, they also offer a lot of them for sale. They’ve got controllers and cartriges for the units too.

This is the perfect chance to play the predecessors of your favorite games or even try out the original of remakes. Either way, this is a golden opportunity to look back at the colorful history of gaming and maybe bring a souvenir home, that you can also play with.

That’s about it!

And those are the goodies you can grab in ESGS 2022. Be sure to check out the rest of our coverage so you can decide if you want to attend the event or to prepare for next year.

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