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The CONQuest 2022 Festival is well underway as Day 1 opens today, July 23rd. Here are the things you can do if you plan on coming to the event for Day 2 or even for the future.

Visit Brand Booths

One of the many things you can do while going around the showfloor of CONQuest is to visit some booths. Particularly those of gaming brands as they have setup shop for the 2-day event. These booths showcase their latest and greatest products, from laptops to gaming gear, to peripherals, and even phones. Of course, these gear and devices are all available for the public to test.

This is a great opportunity to look at products you’ve been eyeing or experience what they have to offer before buying. So, If you’ve wanted to upgrade or buy something new for your setup then this is the perfect time. Some brands may even offer discounts and freebies exclusive to the event.

Buy Merchandise

Apart from brands that offer their best products in their booths, we also have other merchandise from various shops. Some sell anime goods, gunpla, shirts, keychains, and whatnot. If you’ve ever wanted merch for your favorite games or anime, you may find it here. Want that final fantasy keychain? Browse around.

Want an Anya sticker for your laptop? There might be one out there. So, you’re not limited to just the goods of partnered brands. There are also tabletop shops for board gamers and enthusiasts. So, really, CONQuest caters to gamers from all walks of life.

Watch and Attend Events and Tournaments

The main course of CONQuest is the events and tournaments they’re hosting. You’ve got cosplay contests, Esports clashes, and announcements from known brands. If you’ve been following Acadarenas tournaments, this is a chance to catch your favorite team live. So, if you ever get tired of roaming around the venue and want to take a break but still experience CONQuest, the main stage is your friend.

Play Games, Win Prizes

What is a gaming event without games right? Well, CONQuest 2022 has tons of that scattered around their show floor. They’re not only hosting big tournaments but also community ones in some of the booths. Of course, winning in these tournaments will also yield some sweet prizes. Not as huge as the main events but at least you get to enjoy and get something in return. You can join the mini-games some of the booths offer If you’re not the gaming type or don’t want to participate in tournaments.

They have party games that do not require any hardcore gaming skills as well as arcade machines if you don’t want to go toe-to-toe with a person. Some booths even offer gaming stations, where you can test out their peripherals or laptops for a set amount of time. Also, we got some tabletop areas too where you can play the likes of Dungeon & Dungeons, not just purchase board games. Either way, there will be a place for you to flex and stretch your gaming muscles in CONQuest 2022.

Learn about Web3

Arguably one of the most unique experiences you can have this year at CONQuest is learning about Web3. The place where blockchains reside or for better familiarity, cryptocurrencies. A lot of companies have set up booths in the area, particularly those in the play-to-earn (P2E) industry. They even offer freebies if you check them out, who knows these gifts may be what kickstarts your P2E career. However, while P2E is the main focus of CONQuest, as it is a gaming event, there are still Web3 companies that focus on other crypto-related products that have booths set up.

So, this is the best time to learn about what this platform has to offer. Also a chance to experience it first-hand, to finally know if what you’ve been hearing about it is true or not. It’s actually one of the things we recommend you do when you get the chance. After all, this is still uncharted territory and while it is getting a lot of hate from various industries, it still has the potential to be the next big thing after the “.com” craze.

Meet and Greet some of your favorite gaming celebs

The VIP and Premium tickets were all sold out during the initial sale as these give you special access to meet and greets with gaming icons. Yet, there are still chances for the standard attendee to meet their idols. A lot of gaming and pop culture celebs will be attending the event. From streamers to cosplayers, to influencers, and pro esports athletes.

While those VIP and Premium peeps got the first dibs with a meet and greet, sometimes these celebs take a walk around the venue. Plus, some of them didn’t even have a special meet and greet and will just gladly interact with fans on the floor. So, if there is ever a place and time you’d want to meet that favorite gamer, cosplayer, or influencer of yours, this is it.

things to do conquest 2022

Get some chow for breaktimes

Who doesn’t want a quick chow or chug after a tiring session of Mobile Legends? Well, lucky for you there’s a designated eating area in the venue packed with food and drink stalls. So, if you ever find yourself needing a bite or a sip, know that you have options. Just remember to always stay safe as these stalls are also packed with people. So, we recommend you buy your food and drink and find a spot away from the crowd to avoid the nasty C.

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