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Want to pledge your life to the Blood God? Then here’s our Total War: Warhammer III Khorne Guide!

There are 8 factions you can choose from in Total Warhammer III; Daemon of Chaos, Grand Cathay, Khorne, Kislev, Nurgle, Ogre Kingdoms, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch. In this article, we will talk about the faction of the Blood God Khorne. In Total War: Warhammer III’s Khorne campaign, you will play as Skarbrand the Exiled One, the Greatest Daemon follower of Khorne. Skarbrand was banished from the service of the Blood God and cast out from Khorne’s domain. Tormented by his downfall, Skarbrand now wanders the mortal realm and kills everything in his path as an offering to regain Khorne’s favor. With that here’s our Total War: Warhammer III Khorne Guide.

Play Style

If you are a warmongering person, then Khorne’s Faction will be the best choice for you to start your Total War: Warhammer III experience. Khorne’s unique traits and skills are all focused on one thing only, and that is WAR. In the early game, all you need to do is kill every enemy you see. Khorne’s unique ability is that after you successfully raze an enemy-occupied city, your armies will regain all of its movement so that you can proceed to attack another army or city. Every victory you achieve will only make you stronger. So yeah, basically, Khorne’s general playstyle is that you fight, kill, pillage, raze, kill again, fight again, and last but not least is fight again.

Unique Mechanics

Skulls for the Skull Throne

  • One way or another skulls is an important currency for you. If you play as Khorne, you will need this to occupy a settlement, research technologies, or offer them to the Blood God for a massive set of buffs, including post-battle loot or campaign movement after razing. Technology and cults can give you skulls per turn, but the fastest way to have skulls is to kill enemies and sack cities.

Drawn to Destruction

  • Khornate factions can automatically occupy a ruined settlement if the Khorne influence is high enough in the said region. All you need to do is control at least one city in the region and influence it with Khorne’s religion. The Drawn of Destruction might take time to automatically occupy settlements though. Researching technology can help to hasten the time it needs for the Drawn of Destruction to take effect.


  • Bloodletting grants you multiple boosts for continuously winning in battles. This is a reliable way to reduce your army upkeep and increase your casualty replenishment. It will be beneficial in your endless war.

The Great Game

  • All chaos factions participate in the great game, where they spread their corruption throughout the mortal realm. Every five turns, the lead faction gains bonuses to their unholy manifestation.

Unholy Manifestation

Unholy ManifestationUnholy Manifestation (Normal Effect)Unholy Manifestation (Buff with the Great Game)
Eternal WarUnlocked from the start
Summons a small hostile army that will attack the targeted army immediately.
Unlocked from the start
Summons a large hostile army that will attack the targeted army immediately.
Call of BattleRequires 1000 Global Khorne's Corruption
Gives you a campaign movement range of +50%
Requires 1000 Global Khorne's Corruption
Gives you a campaign movement range of +100%
Slaughter Incarnate Requires 2000 Global Khorne's Corruption
Skulls gained from kills +100%
Requires 2000 Global Khorne's Corruption
Skulls gained from kills +200%
Khorne's GlareRequires 3000 Global Khorne's Corruption
Disables a friendly unit's movement for 3 turns and automatically raze a local settlement
+10,000 skulls upon completion
Requires 3000 Global Khorne's Corruption
Disables a friendly unit's movement for 3 turns and automatically raze a local settlement
+15,000 skulls upon completion

Tech Tree

As you can see technologies in Khorne’s faction will require you to offer some skulls to research them. Most of the technologies are about how to strengthen your armies, like giving a buff to your blood host, buffing your units, making them cheaper, faster recruitment, and faster replenishment rates. You can also gain Skulls per turn in return for everyone hating you, but hey, why would you need to befriend them anyway when sooner or later you will offer their skull to the Blood Lord.

Total War: Warhammer III Khorne Guide

Blood host

Blood host is the armies that spawn when you raze a settlement. You can’t change edit the contents of the armies that spawn. These units will deteriorate over time so treat them as expendable units. The size of the Blood host depends on your leadership skills and technologies. The Bloodletting also applies to the spawned Blood host. Even if you can’t add or remove any unit in the blood host, you can still merge their unit to lessen your upkeep.

Key Units

Khorne’s army has a good roster of melee troops but they lack range units. As such a special mention to the only ranged unit, in the Khorne army, the Skullcannon. Due to the lack of ranged units, Khorne’s forces will need a lot of mobility to outrun enemy missiles and minimize casualties.

  • Exalted Bloodletters of Khorne
    • This is your elite infantry unit. They’re good against other infantry and also has a hellblade ability that grants them a permanent damage boost when they kill 60 enemies. Bloodletters also have a fire sword that is great against units that are weak against fire they also have a fear ability to route enemies faster.
  • Minotaurs of Khorne (Great Weapon)
    • Minotaurs of Khorne (Great Weapon) are good against cavalry, mounted lords, or any large monster. With their anti large bonus, these units are the best counter against them. They also have a fast movement speed, meaning you can use them to flank your enemies.
  • Bloodthirster
    • Same as the Minotaurs of Khorne and good against large monsters. The only difference is that this unit can fly. While your Minotaurs hunt down large monsters, you will want this to attack the range units of your enemy. It also has the fear ability much like the Bloodletters.
Total War: Warhammer III Khorne Guide

Daemonic Cult

As chaos corruption spread throughout the mortal realm, you will get a chance to establish a cult in a faraway land. This will happen by chance if you are not using Slaanesh. Within these cults, you can construct a special infrastructure, buildings that generate resources passively. But the most important feature of this Cult for Khorne’s faction is that you can build an arena that allows your faction leader and his army to teleport to the settlement. This allows you to attack or wage war with factions out of your reach.

Total War: Warhammer III Khorne Guide


Khorne can still ally with other daemonic factions but there are always rivalries within them, The people in the mortal realm do not fancy the chaos invader and will declare war as soon as possible. As such, this faction will have a difficult time managing diplomacy because everybody hates them. They also have a deep hatred towards the Slaanesh faction. Though, why would you bother being diplomatic when you’ll raze their cities anyway.

Total War: Warhammer III Khorne Guide

The Khornate faction is difficult to use if you prefer to be passive. Khorne requires you to fight endlessly and will punish you if you are not fighting for a prolonged period of time. Blood host combined with the Bloodletting is too overpowered in the early game, and almost no one can face your combined army. As you attack their settlement early game, your army will grow larger and larger as you raze settlement after settlement. To choose Khorne is to choose endless battle, so if you wish to pledge to the Blood God, be ready for the road ahead. That’s it for our Total War: Warhammer III Khorne Guide.

We’ll also be looking into the other factions and doing a full review of the game as well. So, stay tuned!

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