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The sequel to the 2016 DOOM reboot, DOOM Eternal, finally gets a release date and some spicy new multiplayer mechanic!

Bethesda’s follow-up to the 2016 DOOM reboot is finally just around the corner. DOOM Eternal launches on the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC this November 22nd.

We’re once again thrusted into the shoes of the DOOM Slayer as he saves humanity from the clutches of Hell. The story campaign is based on the premise that Hell has now taken over Earth, spawning rampaging Demons in its wake. Of course, to combat this insurgency we’re getting tons of new equipment and abilities. Resources will be scarce though so players are advised to be conservative or find other means to replenish ammo and the like.

DOOM Eternal will come with a Deluxe and Collector’s Edition as well as some bonuses for pre-orders:

  • Deluxe Edition ($90, ~Php 4,695)
    • Includes the base game, a Year one Pass (grants access to two single-player expansions in the future), Demonic Slayer skin, Classic Weapons Sound pack.
  • Collector’s Edition ($199.99, ~Php 10,424) —
    • Includes all the content from the Deluxe Edition as well as a full-sized, wearable DOOM Slayer Helmet replica, a playable cassette tape and download codes for Mick Gordon’s DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal original soundtracks, DOOM Lore book, One “The Gift of Argent Power” Lithograph.
  • Pre-order Bonus
    • DOOT Revenant skin
    • DOOM Eternal Master Level: Cultist Base Ed.1
    • “Throwback” Combat Shotgun skin

As for that new multiplayer mode, it’s called Battle Mode. Basically, it’s a multiplayer match-up among three players but the catch is it’s 2 versus 1. Yep, one unlucky (or beastly) player will have to fight against a team of two demons. On the side of the Slayer, an array of all the weapons DOOM Eternal has to offer and on the side of the demons, unique movement skills and abilities as well as the power to spawn AI-controlled demon babies.

You can pre-order a copy of the game here, the Deluxe Edition here, and the Collector’s Edition here. The base game is priced at $60 (~Php 3,127).

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