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We have a lot of great choices of ROG peripherals but we can’t discount that there are some on the TUF Gaming side too. Through the years, the other end of ASUS’ gaming spectrum spawned quality options such as the TUF Gaming H3. Today, we take a look at yet another one of those good choices but for the more budget oriented customer. This is our ASUS TUF Gaming M3 Gen II Gaming Mouse Review!

An unassuming design

When it comes to design, the TUF Gaming M3 Gen II is as simple as it gets. There are no design gimmicks, intricate lines, or anything to make it stand out. Save for the traditional RGB lighting every mouse has these days. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, as the M3 Gen II focuses more on performance rather than looks.

So, if you’re the type who wants blingy periphs, then sadly this one ain’t for you. Those who like a simpler yet still good looking mouse though, the TUF Gaming M3 Gen II is right up your alley. There is also that added IP56 water and dust resistance plus that ASUS Antibacterial Guard coating. So, expect it to take some beating versus the elements, at least.

Lightweight on a budget

asus tuf gaming m3 gen ii review

The M3 Gen II may not be flashy but it sure is deceptively light. So much so that at first touch it feels like a mouse you can just buy at the office supply section of department stores. However, that weight makes it a perfect partner for fast-paced games such as MOBAs or FPS.

Dragging it around is a breeze though there may be times where you may throw it around too easily. Especially since it has Teflon feet, making it extra slippery. Nevertheless, those looking for a lightweight mouse on a budget can put this on their list.

Performance for its price

asus tuf gaming m3 gen ii review

Surprisingly, the TUF Gaming M3 Gen II is running the PixArt PAW 3318 sensor, which is commonly found in more expensive devices. We already had a taste of this sensor in our time with the Strix Impact III. Suffice to say, it’s one great wired sensor at this price point. However, this seems to be a toned down version as we only have a maximum dpi of 8,000, 200 max ips top speed, and 30g max ips acceleration. Polling rate stays the same at 1,000 Hz.

Even so, that’s not so far apart from what the Strix Impact III offers. As such, we did feel that the M3 Gen II can hold its ground a fair bit when it comes to gaming. I was able to play relatively well in games like Gundam Evolution, Valorant, and League of Legends. Having it wired also helped with input delay and latency, which is still present but not as noticeable unless you nitpick. Once again, it may not elevate you to the pro leagues but it is better than most common mice, at least.

Armoury Crate, as always

Once again, since this mouse is part of the ASUS/ROG ecosystem it has access to Armoury Crate. You won’t get too much customization but you do have options to program 6 buttons, adjust DPI and poll rate, and calibrate to match your mousepad surface. Last but not least, you can also tinker with the RGB lighting that also has AURA sync support. Despite the minimal options, having the adjustment and customization options are still a welcome treat.


asus tuf gaming m3 gen ii review

As far as budget lightweight mouse go, the ASUS TUF Gaming M3 Gen II is quite the surprise. At Php 1,150 (~$20) you’re actually getting a lot more than what you pay for. You have a quality sensor in a tough body along with some customizations. Granted, it won’t be the best mouse you’ll ever have nor is it the best one in the market for gaming. Although, it may probably be one of the best, low-cost lightweight options out there. Yet, if you’re just someone starting out or just want an upgrade from your typical office mouse then the M3 Gen II isn’t too bad. All in all, this mouse is a quality budget option and a light one at that.

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