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Capcom is cashing in on the AR mobile scene as they partner with Niantic to create Monster Hunter Now. As you all know, Niantic is behind the ever-so-popular Pokemon Go mobile game that hit the world by storm back in 2016. Since then, they have also released an NBA, a soon-to-release Marvel version, and a Harry Potter version that has since shut down.

From the looks of the trailer, we’ll be getting multiplayer akin to raids in Pokemon Go but with the classic 4-player setup like in the main games. There will also be combat during encounters with monsters. Though fights will only last a maximum of 75 seconds, to make it playable in the outdoors. Aside from that, the game will be playable in either portrait or landscape mode.

Combat will be close to what we experience in the main games but optimized for mobile. Meaning, we’ll have to rely on taps and swipes for combos, dodges, and attacks. PokeStops are now resource-gathering points and the world is divided into ecological zones with different monsters and materials. There will also be paintballs used to tag monsters so you can fight them at home or with friends.

What’s a Monster Hunter game without our trusty Palicos right? Well, Monster Hunter Now has them too and they can automatically tag monsters with paintballs even when the app is closed so you can hunt when you have the time.

Monster Hunter now will release on mobile for both Android and iOS sometime in September 2023. The game is now open for closed-beta test applications, which will commence on April 25th.

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