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Re-Logic promised us all that “Journey’s End” was the final major update to Terraria. While they are technically still keeping to that promise, they kinda sorta found a loophole. That came with some mini patches after Journey’s End, which were some bug fixes. Fast forward to 2022 and they all but almost broke that promise with the Labor of Love update. No, it’s still not a major update as it’s dubbed Patch 1.4.4. Meaning it’s still part of Journey’s End.

Unlike the previous small patches though, the Terraria Labor of Love update brings quite a number of changes and additions. These include quality of life updates, new items, weapon balances, blocks, decor, boss tweaks, event tweaks, and a whole lot more. You’ll find the entire changelog from the official announcement here.

Some of the changes we love the most though are the addition of numerical HP bars, gear loadouts, an even better void bag, and improved inventory options. The Terraria Labor of Love update is available now across all supported platforms.

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