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Get to play Mega Man x DiVE for a few days during it’s closed beta testing!

Mega Man X DiVE is just about ready to open its doors to the general public. Although, before all that we’ll be treated with a Closed Beta Testing (CBT). During CBT, players will be awarded with certain currencies that they can use once the game officially launches.

mega man x dive closed beta

Mega Man x DiVE Closed Beta will run from September 12th up until the 16th. Players who complete stage 3-6 during this period will be awarded 100 Elemental Metal. This is the premium currency of the game, used to buy items and capsules. Participants can gain 200 more Elemental Mental by completing Mission 1 and partaking in this questionnaire. Apart from that, we also got a bit more information regarding characters and features we can expect during CBT. The game will start with eight playable characters — X, Zero, Axl, Vile, Pallete, Marino, Alia, and Ultimate Armor X.

As for the features, the first three chapters of Story Mode as well as Co-op and PvP will also be accessible to players. Once they reach the required level for them that is. For PvP, players must first reach level 16, then for Co-op, level 20. The previously mentioned chip system, on the other hand, will become available once reaching level 13. Those who are lucky enough to get access to the Closed Beta can pre-load the game on September 10. The download link can be found here. Take note, the app is not yet searchable or available at Google’s Play Store. Stay tuned for our first impressions as we were fortunate enough to be selected for Closed Beta.

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