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Razer is back with another PC soundbar in the form of the Leviathan V2 X. This one comes right after the Leviathan V2 back in April. The V2 X, however, takes on a more compact form.

Leviathan V2 X

The Leviathan V2 X, much like the V2, has two full-range drivers and two passive radiators. It does lose the down-firing subwoofer and tweeters. This time around though, we have a wired setup and Bluetooth 5.0 instead of 5.2 for wireless connection. Yet, the V2 X offers much more breathing room for your desktop as it only measures 400mm in length.

Of course, the speakers still shine brightly with 14 lighting zones with Razer Chroma support. The Leviathan V2 X will be available in the Philippines this October for Php 6,690. For other countries in Asia, Europe, and in the US it will arrive in Q4 2022.

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