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The next installment in the Total War franchise moves away from fantasy and back to history. Total War: PHARAOH brings fans into the tumultuous Egyptian New Kingdom Era. The game releases October 2023, so not too much of a wait.

Total War: PHARAOH will initially feature three great cultures namely, Egpyt, Canaan, and the Hittite from among the three are eight Faction Leaders. As the name suggests the game will be in the Ancient Egyptian setting. So players will get to control units of a bygone era as well as enjoy a recreation of Ancient Egypt at its peak. Apart from that Total War: PHARAOH seeks to separate itself from other titles of the franchise by offering Campaign Customization.

Players get to tweak aspects of their Campaign such as starting points, resource settings, and the ability to tinker with natural disasters, among others. The game is now open for Pre-orders along with some goodies. This includes taking part in an Early-Access weekend, the Avatar of the Gods cosmetic pack, and the Heart of the Shardana cosmetic pack.

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