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Blizzard is going all mystery vibes as they work an a new unnannounced survival game!

Blizzard is looking to the future as they pave the wave for a new unannounced project. The well-known game studio is looking for talents around the world to help the development of this new title.

Blizzard Survival Game

Blizzard didn’t reveal much about this new project they are developing. Save for the fact that it will be a whole new survival game for PC and Console. For now, we can only speculate if it will include any of Blizzard’s established franchises. However, they did say it will be in a whole new Universe, so it is more than likely to be an original. For this new title Blizzard is looking for the following:

  • Art
    • Environment Artist (Associate to Senior)
    • Senior Character Artist
    • Technical Artist (FX Pipeline)
    • VFX Artist (Associate to Senior)
    • Senior Character Concept Artist
  • Design
    • Associate Level Designer
    • Level Designer
  • Engineering
    • Lead Software Engineer, Engine
    • Senior Software Engineer, Audio
    • Senior Software Engineer, Server
    • Senior Software Engineer, Tools

Those interested to join the team can head on over to this link here. As for news about what the game will be about, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out.

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