Lemnis Gate weaponizes time in a whole new way


Lemnis Gate is not your typical first-person shooter!

Gamescom 2020 is not just filled with sequels, expansions, and conventional announcements. It’s also a place of the unique and bizarre. Which brings us to Lemnis Gate from indie developers Ratloop Canada.

Very rarely, or even never at all, do you hear the words first-person shooter and turn-based together. Well, Lemnis Gate is just that, a turn-based FPS with time as the central theme. As if being a turn-based FPS wasn’t enough, Ratloop decided to incorporate one of the universe’s most complex paradox into the loop. The trailer though is a bit confusing but the essence of the game is that players take turns controlling time. Yet you won’t just control time outright as you’re given operatives with unique abilities.

Matches are fought over a 25-second time loop that takes place over five turns. Yep, you’re entire battle is just 25-seconds long or short. All of this rounds interact with one another, meaning the past, present, and future converge. Another catch is that you, and you alone, control your team. That’s because an auto co-op feature will control the rest of your team via the commands you give. You can wishlist it now over at Steam since the release date is yet to be announced.

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