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Big events like ESGS 2019 means big spending!

The largest Esports and Gaming event in the Philippines has begun! The 2019 Esports and Gaming Summit (ESGS 2019) is currently taking place at the SMX convention center from October 25 to October 27, 2019. The summit is jam-packed with various concessionaires, all with different gaming-related goods to offer. It can be a lot to take in, so here’s our comprehensive list of things you can buy at ESGS 2019.

Laptops and PCs

Several large PC brands have set foot in ESGS and are offering some of their units at discounted prices. For instance, Lenovo is offering up to Php 20,000 discounts on their IdeaPad and Legion laptop series. Discounted Prices range from Php 39,995 for the IdeaPad330 (i5) to Php 114,995 for the Legion Y740 (1TB SSD). Aside from Lenovo, MSI is also selling their GL63 gaming laptop series at a discount with prices ranging from Php 67,995 upwards.

They’ve also unveiled their latest laptop, the GP75 9SE-869PH with a 512GB SSD, RTX 2060, and i7 processor. On the other hand, Acer Predator is currently selling their Triton, Helios, and Nitro gaming laptop series and Orion PC series with discounts up to 50%. Costs start at Php 49,999 for the Nitro 5 and capping out with Php 229,999 for the Triton 700 without the discount.

Not to be outdone, Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) also arrived at the scene with their own set of discounts. Gamers can get up to a Php 25,000 off on select items at ESGS. Prices range from their TUF PC series at Php 43,995 to Php 149,995 for the ROG zephyrus 5. Freebies are also included with the purchase of select items.

Desktop Components

For those who are interested in building their own PC, don’t fret! Select stalls at ESGS are also selling Desktop components at discounted prices. From the latest processors to RGB cooling fans, PC builders will find no shortage of parts at ESGS to build their Desktops with.


Of course, a PC or laptop unit alone is never enough. Peripherals such as headphones, mouses, and keyboards are also important to complete the gaming experience. Fortunately, ESGS is well-stocked with top of the line peripheral brands, offering huge discounts during the event.

As a matter of fact, some of the PC brands that were mentioned earlier are also selling peripherals. Predator’s gaming monitor, headphone, keyboard, mouse, and mousepad series are all up for sale. The discounts up to 50% also apply to these products. These peripherals cost upwards of Php 999, starting with the mousepad.

Redragon is offering discounts on select items, on top of a 10% ESGS-exclusive discount on all items. Some of these select items include gaming keyboards, headphones, and gaming chairs. Their prices start at 999 with the H801 BIO headphones and K501 Asura keyboard.

G-cube and Rapoo are also having a special ESGS discount, with items discounted at up to 80%. Included in their catalog of items are earphones, wireless headphones, and keyboards. For G-Cube, their wireless headsets which start at Php 899 and their gaming keyboard which is priced at Php 599. Rapoo, on the other hand, has gaming mice priced as low as Php 599.

From the local scene, retailer Easy PC has also graced ESGS with discounts on select items from BenQ and Zowie. The prices of their gaming monitors range from Php 7,599 to Php 34,999 with the discount while their mice prices range from Php 2,999 to Php 3,999. Finally, Fantech, Gamdias, JBL, XPG, and Razer are all offering discounts on all of their items. These range from gaming keyboards to gaming mice and mousepads with JBL also selling speakers and headphones.

Console Accessories & Controllers

Enough about PCs and PC parts, let’s move on to consoles. Maxsoft, the distributor of Nintendo for the Southeast Asian region is holding demos at ESGS, and is also selling numerous classic switch titles. Some vendors are even selling console controllers and accessories such as the famous 8BitDo Bluetooth gamepad. So, if you need to beef up your consoles with protection or anything else, ESGS is a prime place to shop.

Gaming Merchandise and Apparel

Setting aside Laptops and accessories, ESGS is also rich with items that take you into the worlds of games, themselves. Most notably, the merchandise wing of Kojima Productions. Their stall offers items, shirts, and tote bags from Death Stranding, so if you’re just as excited as we are about it, then be sure to visit their stall.

Local brands are also offering their unique take on anime and gaming characters. For instance, Perry in disguise is selling anime-inspired jackets and special key chains featuring popular weapons in gaming. Several stalls are also selling gaming-themed caps and shirts, so be sure to check those out as well.

For those interested in collecting stickers, Pixel Hero, Sketchy Gerry, and many more stalls selling stickers are here at ESGS. Some of them also feature keychains, pins, and patches with prices ranging from Php 15 to Php 150 and more depending on the bundle and quality.

If any of the designs aren’t up to your taste, at some stalls, you can request a custom shirt to be made for upwards of 300 pesos. Simply pick a design online and wait for a while as they print your design on a shirt of your choosing. You can also ask for commissions on stickers and other artworks.

Board Games

Aside form video games, and video game merchandise, ESGS also offers a wide selection of board games. Neutral Grounds, Game detective, and Ludus have descended upon the gaming summit, offering board games at up to 20% off. Ludus also has a dedicated section for players who want to try their hand at various trading card games.


All are welcome at ESGS and that includes those that are interested in collecting figurines. Wattatoys is at ESGS and their stall is filled to the brim with various figurines of beloved gaming characters for you to collect. For those interested in collecting model cars, Metals Die Cast and Jada are also at the event.

Head to ESGS 2019 now!

As we mentioned earlier, ESGS 2019 has just begun, so you have plenty of time to catch up on all the events and deals. Just head to the SMX convention center from October 25 to 27 to take part in the action. For the latest updates regarding ESGS you can check out our coverage here and the Facebook page of ESGS here. For everything gaming, don’t forget to follow Dice & D-Pads.

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