Cross-play arrives on Black Desert Console this March


Adventure as one on Black Desert Console, they say, come March 4th!

Black Desert is getting ready to merge its console player base as Cross-Play arrives on the PS4 and Xbox One. The update goes live on March 4, 2020.

With Cross-Play on console, Black Desert players from PS4 and Xbox One will now be able to interact with one another. However, non-cross-play serves will still exist as a choice for players. Servers that allow cross-play will be marked for easy identification. The rest of the other changes are as follows:

  • Addition of an Xbox Asia server and support for various other languages.
  • Conquest and Node Wars will open to all platforms. All currently owned nodes and regions will be liberated. There will be no Conquest/Node War from March 4 to 7. All data from previous wars will reset. Meaning taxes might be lower done before.
  • Players from both platforms can now join under the same guild.
  • Suffixes will be added to Family/Character/Guild names that are identical.
  • Market prices between the two platforms will be merged. The higher-priced market between the two will be the cross-play servers starting price.
  • Transferring accounts from one platform to another won’t be possible.

As the update will require major adjustments players are to expect a patch size of about 3-4GB.