Project A is an upcoming Competitive Shooter from Riot Games


Riot takes on the likes of CS:GO, Overwatch, Paladins, and Rainbow Six Siege!

Riot Games, better known as the developers behind the very popular League of Legends have announced that they are developing a brand new IP. Now codenamed Project A, it is a competitive FPS that is heavily inspired by tactical shooters like CSGO and Rainbow Six Siege, mixed with character-based shooters like Overwatch and Paladins

This new game seems to integrate the character-based shooter formula of Overwatch, Paladins, and Team Fortress 2, but each character focuses mainly on skills, while the guns vary, even on the same character. It seems to have an assortment of guns that you can choose for a loadout, in additional to choosing a character for their skills. Additionally, Riot aims to solve common problems in FPS today, such as using hacks/cheats, lag, and peaker’s advantage. Riot is promising that they will focus on building their infrastructure to decrease lag the minimum, and fighting peaker’s advantage, as they understand in an FPS accuracy and consistency is crucial.

To fight hackers, they are focusing on their detection, such that it will be possible to force hackers to quit and be banned in real-time. If there’s one thing Riot excels at, it’s making incredible characters for their games. With this one deviating from LoL, it’s exciting to see what they can come up with. They also stated that they will support this for years to come, just like LoL. An official title nor release date was announced but we’ll keep an eye out on future developments.