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The ROG Throne might just be the unlikely desk organizer you need!

The folks over at ROG are not just concerned about your gaming needs but also your organizing ones. Meet the Throne, a multi-functional headphone stand that doubles (or triples?) as a USB hub and charging dock.

rog throne

At its core, the Throne is a pedestal for your favorite headphone by providing a stand you can hang it on. However, it offers a lot more than just that as its also stylish with over 18 individual RGB lighting zones, all Aura Sync compatible, for all your color craving needs. Apart from being the blingiest (we just made this word up) headphone stand out there, the Throne has a Qi variant that supports wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices (the name kinda gave it away though).

It has a dedicated notification LED, separate from the 18 RGB zones, for checking the charge levels on your device. To top it all off, we’re also getting a pair of USB 3.1 ports and an audio jack with a built-in high-resolution ESS 9118 DAC. The ROG Throne comes in two variants, one with Qi wireless charging support and one without. Pricing and availability are yet to be announced.

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