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GTA Online is about to drop a new exciting story dubbed The Contract!

Rockstar Games is prepping a new update to GTA Online featuring a new story with Franklin Clinton and Dr. Dre. The Contract, as it’s called, will have players partner with Franklin to form a celebrity solutions agency.

  • GTA Online The Contract
  • GTA Online The Contract

The premise of the update puts Dr. Dre in the spotlight as the known music artist’s phone is in the wrong hands. All of that should be well and good except for the part where the phone holds Dr. Dre’s unreleased music. This puts your agency in a unique position to help the artist out by retrieving his stolen phone. Players will partner up with Franklin, an expert hacker Imani, Chop the Dog, and the rest of their crew for this mission.

The update will drop on December 15th along with deeper details of what to expect. These include:

  • An eclectic new radio station from some very special guest hosts.
  • Huge first-of-their-kind updates to existing radio stations including a ton of new and unreleased exclusive tracks from Dr. Dre and a heavy-hitting line-up of artists
  • Additional opportunities for agency work including choice hits for players willing to get their hands dirty.
  • New weapons, vehicles, and much more

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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