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ROG continues to expand the Strix Scope keyboard line, this time upgrading their full layout member. We had our time with one of their TKL versions back in 2022. Although as a TKL that one has just the minimal amount of keys. So, for those looking for a more full layout might consider the successor of the Strix Scope RX. Does it bring all the goods of the previous release or did it fail to live up to the name? This is our ROG Strix Scope II RX Review.

Same but different

The Strix Scope II RX isn’t all that different from it’s predecessor when it comes to design. It’s still a full keyboard, meaning you have all the keys plus a full numpad. However, the Scope II RX switches things up a bit with some upgrades. First of which are a three-way media knob and multi-function button at the top right, where the ROG eye logo commonly sits. A welcome addition that I found myself using more often than I thought I would.

Second are some helpful LED notifications just above the arrow keys. Third, a small jump from IP56 to IP57 water and dust resistance. Then lastly, an included removable magnetic palm rest right out of the box. Although, it’s made with hard plastic so comfort is somewhat to be desired. While the size and looks are a little bit the same, there are some distinct upgrades and differences. So, it’s same but different but same (kek!).

RX is the name, so RX is the game

As the name all but suggests, the ROG Strix Scope II RX features the Republic’s very own RX optical switches. You have two options of either Blue or Red for this one, our unit comes with the former. All of the switches are pre-lubed too, so it really adds to the feel and fluidity of every press. We already have ample experience with the RX switches and they are more than enough for your average gamer and non-mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. So, if you’re not too nitpicky with your brand of Switches and just prefer whether it’s clicky or silent and quick then you’ll have no problems. Speaking of clicky, the Blues on our unit truly embodies the word.

The switches have great feedback, tactility, and actuation but is a little too noisy for my taste. While I do enjoy Blues as they are my Switches of choice, the one’s in the Scope II RX are a little too loud. My daily driver features Low-profile Gateron Blues but they’re not as “clickity-clackity” as this one. However, I do enjoy typing on the Scope II RX more than my current daily driver the Keychron K1. Sadly, much like the case with these types of boards, you’ll have to tinker with it a bit if you wish to change the switches since it’s not hot-swappable.

A little more function than before

The ROG Scope II RX has a bit more function buttons than it’s predecessor. The most major change was the one I mentioned earlier, the mutli-function key and three-way knob on the upper right. The knob serves as a volume wheel as well as a pause and play button for easier media access. Apart from that, the F1 to F5 keys double as shortcuts for Xbox Game Bar recording functions.

Then as always, you have access to Armoury Crate for further customization. Example, like editing how the knob and multi-function key operates and creating your macros and shortcuts with the rest of the keyboard’s keys. Furthermore, you can also tinker with the lighting, which has Aura Sync support.

Wired only

The Strix Scope II RX is a little deceptive out of the box. The first time you take it out of its packaging you’ll notice that the keyboard has no cables attached to it. Creating the illusion that you have the option of using it wirelessly. Sadly, that is not the case as the keyboard can only be used wired. You do get a pretty long cord plus it’s way easier to store the Scope II RX for transport since the cable is removable. Although, it would’ve been nice to have it braided. The only other added benefit here is that you can expect no latency thanks to the wired connection.


ROG Strix Scope II RX Review

The ROG Strix Scope II RX is a worthy successor to a solid keyboard and one that carries the name forward. It brought back the best of what its predecessor can offer and then some. These include providing more shortcut and macro options thanks to the Xbox Game Bar F1 to F5 keys and the multi-function button, having above average switches with the ROG RX, and providing the utility of a full keyboard layout.

In the case of the RX blues, it has great tactility, feedback, and fast actuation. Although again, personally it’s a little more clickity for my taste. If only the keyboard provided wireless connection then it would’ve been a sure winner. Especially for a relatively affordable, in terms of mechanical keyboards, price of Php 7,990 (~$140). Sadly, we only have a wired option, though the cable is removable allowing for easy storage for travels. All in all, the ROG Strix Scope II RX is a full keyboard that more than delivers.

ROG Strix Scope II RX

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