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ASUS continues to expand their TUF Gaming brand, this time with more monitors. The new trio comes with 180Hz refresh rates and fast IPS panels.

Among the three the TUF Gaming VG27AQ3A stands on top. Sporting a 27-inch QHD display with 130% sRGB, HDR10, and ASUS Variable Overdrive. Following suit is the TUF Gaming VG279Q3A with a similar size display but in Full HD, with a lower 99% sRGB, and ASUS Variable Overdrive. Lastly, the smallest of the bunch is the VG24Q3A. Sporting a 24-inch FHD display with 99% sRGB and ASUS Variable Overdrive.

As mentioned earlier, all monitors have 180 Hz refresh rates and fast IPS panels with just 1ms response times. The 27-inch variants support FreeSycn Premium, Nvidia G-Sync, and VESA AdaptiveSync technologies. On the other hand, the smaller 24-inch only supports FreeSync Premium. All of the monitors are now available nationwide


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