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Fans eager to play SEGA and Amplitude Studios’ new Tower Defense shooter will have to wait a tad longer. The game was set to release next month, May 18th. However, we now have to wait for half a year more instead of just a month.

Amplitude Studios decided to delay the release to incorporate community feedback and further perfect the game. These changes include balancing, meta-progression, onboarding, and general polishing. Those who already pre-purchased the game may request refunds as long as it’s within the platform’s policy. Since the announcement players have been part of the development process via Amplitude’s co-development platform Game2Gether.

This is where most of the feedback’s been coming from ultimately leading to the delay. The official release will now be on October 23, 2023 with early access opening on October 17th for those who pre-order. To compensate for the delay, Amplitude will include some extra free content for those who pre-purchase on PC and those who purchase first on consoles. Endless Dungeon will release on PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, and Xbox One Series X/S

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