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In Resident Evil’s showcase last October 20th we were teased with the release of Resident Evil RE:Verse. As most of you have already seen Resident Evil RE:Verse on your Steam or wherever you play Resident Evil 8. The game can be accessed from the 23rd of October until the 25th.

What is Resident Evil RE:Verse

Resident Evil RE:Verse is a multiplayer deathmatch game that pits fan favorites such as Ada Wong, Leon  Kennedy, and Hunk just to name a few. You also have access to mutants or bioorganic weapons (BOWs) such as Jack Baker.

There is a customization feature wherein you can change your player’s skin and weapons. There is also a battle pass that unlocks weapon skins and skills. Additionally, you can also buy skills using the game’s currency. These skills improve your gunplay and your other qualities of life.


Resident Evil RE:Verse is a third-person shooter wherein six players duke it out in different locations all across the Resident Evil universe. A match plays out for 5 minutes and you gain points for killing other players, you gain more by killing them while you are human, and you lose some by dying. Kill streaks provide bonuses and at the same time, you gain more points by killing players with one.

As the match progresses you gain access to virus samples and special weapons. Virus samples are consumed upon death, getting two samples will guarantee that you are turned into Tyrant types. For those who don’t know, tyrants are the boss-type BOWs in Resident Evil. Special weapons, on the other hand, comes in the form of rocket and grenade launchers.

The Good

So far, the game has been running smoothly without a hitch or lag on my end. Gunplay is precise and the characters are easy enough to control. Character skills aren’t that overpowered which makes it balanced.

Playing as the BOWs is balanced as well since most of the attacks are physical but you are also given boosted speed and health. Maps are also taken from different places in the Resident Evil universe. Such as the Baker’s house and the Raccoon City Police Department RCPD.

The Bad

Sadly enough the game only features one mode perhaps for now which is deathmatch mode. As of the moment, we only have ranked matches and no casual or unranked modes. Aside from that, the battle pass is still inaccessible as of writing so we might need to wait until the game fully launches on the 28th of October.

Final Rating

So far the pros actually outweigh the cons when it comes to Resident Evil RE:Verse. even though most of the features are still locked you can still enjoy the game as it is right now. We also don’t need to wait that long since it will be launched on the 28th. By the way, the Resident Evil RE:Verse early access or beta can only be accessed if you have Resident Evil Village.

You can view the Resident Evil showcase add the link here. I hope that this review has been useful to you until next time see you and happy Halloween.

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