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Pokemon dropped a new hot trailer for their upcoming Scarlet and Violet titles. While this one was relatively short it did have lots of juicy new information that may quench your thirst a bit as we approach launch. In any case, here are all the new details from the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer!

New Pokemon

A new trailer means, at least, a new Pokemon preview and for this latest one, we got Farigiraf, the evolution of Girafarig. Yep, that’s still a palindromic name, nice one Pokemon. We’re not too sure how to feel about its design as apparently, its tail is now its head. Anyhow, we also got a few more glimpses of new Pokemon during the preview of world exploration and from the mini-map.

The TM Machine

Now, this is a particularly cool new mechanic Pokemon is introducing in Scarlet and Violet. Players are no longer limited to just buying TMs or finding them scattered around the map but can now craft them. The new TM Machine found at Pokemon Centers will allow players to check a list of TMs that they can make.

The materials for crafting these though come from Pokemon encountered in the wild. Yep, we now have item drops from Pokemon and probably from other sources too. Although, from the trailer for now we only know of Pokemon as sources for the materials of these TMs.

Bond with your Pokemon in Picnics

We’re getting something similar to Sword and Shield’s camping feature. This time though what we have are Picnics, where players can bond and cook for their Pokemon. Yeah, you read that right, you can now cook meals to improve the stats of your mons and even your encounters.

Other than that you can also interact with them and play mini-games. Oh and apparently, you can get eggs during picnics? We’ll have to wait and see if they announce more info about that.

Take Photos with the New Camera Feature

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer

Capture those moments in Picnics or even in the field as Scarlet and Violet will now have a Camera feature. So, you can take selfies or whatnot in your Pokemon adventures. Makes sharing and saving moments a little easier, though you do have the screenshot feature of the Switch. Either way, more photo capturing options won’t hurt right?

The “Let’s Go” Command

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer

We already know from previous trailers that we’re getting an auto-battle feature. We got to see that now first-hand with this latest trailer and it seems you use a certain command. Players can initiate the “Let’s Go!” command to one of their Pokemon to do stuff in the field. This not only includes battling wild Pokemon but also picking up items.

Character Customization

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer

Pokemon continues to increase the amount of customization we’re getting. As such, we’re getting a lot more options in Scarlet and Violet, including gender fluidity as players are no longer locked to male or female. Additional new customizations include eye shape, eyelash and eyebrow style, beauty marks, freckles, colored contacts, lip shape, and makeup.

Wild Terastalized Pokemon

A few more pieces of information regarding the new Terastal Phenomenon came to light in the latest trailer. The most shocking one is that you can encounter Terastalized Pokemon in the wild. They’ll be hard to miss since these mons will be shining like the morning sun in the field. We also saw that reducing a Terastalized Pokemon’s HP to low levels makes it revert to its base form.

That’s it!

These were all the new tidbits we got from the short trailer. If you wish to see these in action head on over here.

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