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The Sims 4 continues its quest to provide proper gender and sexual representation to its 8-year-old title. We saw this with some of their previous updates that introduced Gender Customization and Pronouns. Now, we’re getting yet another feature in the form of Sexual Orientation.

The Sims 4 Sexual Orientation

The Sexual Orientation feature will come with the free base game update along with the High School Years Expansion pack. Before you ask, no you don’t need the expansions to access it, so you’re safe. The update will allow players to assign a series of attraction parameters to their Sim. Players can do the following during Sim creation or via changing their Sims through a mirror or dresser:

  • My Sim is attracted to – A straightforward setting adjusting who your Sims is attracted to. Any romantic attempt from a Sim not on the list will be rejected.
  • My Sim is exploring romantically – Adjusts whether or not your Sim’s Sexual Orientation can shift through gameplay. When this setting is “Yes”, a Sims sexual orientation may change during gameplay and override the initial settings from the option above. If this setting is set to “No” then your Sims Sexual Orientation will remain the same all throughout per the settings you set above.
  • My Sim is interested in WooHoo with – Determines who your Sim can WooHoo (A romantic option in-game) with. There are a lot of different combinations of settings here. You can even go for an Asexual or Aromantic Sim by checking all options unchecked or just the romantic attraction boxes unchecked.

If you wish to know more you can check out the announcement from Maxis here.

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