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Now that is quite a combination!

Someone, by the name of Colin Cummings, just developed a tabletop RPG involving Carly Rae Jepsen. Yes, folks, the same singer that brought us the hit song “Call Me Maybe” back in 2012.

Meet Boy Problems, the heist game based on the LASERS + FEELINGS system with a Jepsen twist. The concept is quite interesting actually.

The game revolves around stealing Carly’s 200 unreleased songs (Which is true!) safely tucked away in a well-defended location. Players will get to choose between eight pre-defined roles, each with their own unique bonus items.

In the spirit of the LASERS + FEELINGS system, players will also choose a number from 2 to 5, which will define if their character is more attuned with Lasers (higher number, into techy stuff basically) or Feelings (lower number, into seduction and the like).

Other than that, players get to choose a goal of their own and a problem, which will define how you’ll play the character (Noisy, Doesn’t Fit Everyone, Prone to breaking Down, Stolen, and Leaky). To complete the setup, the group also decides the characteristics of their getaway vehicle, with the driver given the choice to pick two strengths.

Cummings has already released a character sheet and is on the way to showing us a sample session soon. There’s a printable PDF of the rules to get you started, link here. If you’re interested in LASER + FEELINGS, here’s a link to the rules of it as well.

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