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Dying Light 2 is an open-world, action role-playing game, featuring a zombie apocalyptic world that takes place 22 years after the events of the first game. It lets the player choose his own path. Meaning that each player can have a different story route compared to another player. That differentiates Dying Light 2 Stay Human from other Zombie games available.


The game has 2 factions we can align with, the PK (Peacekeepers) or the Survivors. Giving them either a Water Tower or Electrical station which you acquire in the story or in the open world will benefit you. Peacekeepers allow you to access some car traps that help you evade the zombies during the night.

Survivors will give you a zipline and launchpad that helps you to parkour around the city way easier. To know more about the gameplay of Dying Light 2 click here. In this article, we will focus more on the route if you always choose the Survivor side.


Radio Frequencies

During the tutorial with Spike, he will give you a radio frequency that will help you find the information our main character Aiden has been looking for. He will give you a specific frequency that you need to remember in order to progress to the story. Not much of a decision making in this part of the game, If you chose the right frequency you will progress through the story but if you pick the wrong ones, well you can talk to a different person that could only make sense if you did some of the side stories throughout the game.

Meet the people in the bazaar

Now, this mission is a little bit tricky in which the quest dictates that you need to meet the people in the Bazaar, but what you really need to do is to do their side quest. The person you need to meet is Carlos the man near the entrance with ” The Spark of invention ” side quest and Julian the store vendor with yellow shelves, who is in trouble by accidentally selling poisoned water and will ask you to locate his supplier. In fact, both of these sidequests act as a tutorial that introduces you to the game mechanic such as crafting and lasting consequences of your choice.

Tell the truth or make a deal with marco

Upon meeting Julian’s supplier Marco, he will tell you what really happened and this is the first time you will make a decision that can alter the plot of the story. If you decided to make a deal with Marco he will reward you with money and some supplies. However, in return when you go back to the Bazaar Julian will get in trouble. And if you decided to tell the truth Marco will become hostile and attack you.

The only way out

After progressing through the mission, you will now attempt to go the Central Loop with Hakon in the metro tunnel, but as you try to escape, you will get captured and Interrogated by Aitor, and no matter what you choose, you will be forced to accept his deal to help him investigate about Lucas murder (PK Commander in Villedor)


As you progress through the mission, you will eventually need to choose who to help with between Aitor or Sophie at Tango Motel, and these choices can lead to different paths depending on who you choose. Of course, this article is all about what could happen if we always choose the survivor’s side:

Therefore when you choose Sophie you will help her to get rid of the peacekeepers, and she will tell you another path to the Central Loop.

hakon’s Fate

After getting shot by a crossbow, you will learn the truth about Hakon, and what he’s hiding. You will have the option to help him or leave him. If you decided to help him you will proceed to the next quest Sniper’s Alley, where you try to get the person responsible for shooting Hakon, however, if you let decide to leave Hakon to his fate, it will put a dent in your friendship.

Regardless of your decision, Hakon will survive and he will return to the Renegades, but his future action, will be heavily dependent on the decision you made in this quest.


Survivors had enough of the Peacekeepers and wanted to take the old Villedor for themselves. Thus Sophie will instruct you to talk to Alberto about the plan to destroy the Windmill that the Peacekeepers occupy, in order for them to retreat.


Upon progressing further in the story, you will now try to fix the Radio Tower. In this mission, depending on who you aligned with on the previous task, you will choose whether to give it to Jack Matt or Julian. Frank will always be part of the option regardless of your choices. If you pick Frank to have the Radio Tower, he will establish New Hope Radio.


This mission can only be accessed if you gave control of the Radio Tower to Frank. Frank will ask you to activate some antenna to boost the radio signal. You will run around chasing some Renegades in order to find any clues about Waltz and the GRE Database.

Dying Light 2 Survivor

Hakon’s Fate part ii

Hakon warns Frank that the Renegades know that they are eavesdropping on them. Hakon wanted to meet with Aiden at a Church in St. Paul Island. Here you will need to fight Hakon twice and some Renegades. After defeating Hakon twice, he will try to ambush you as you try to leave, in this part you will have a decision to make whether to fight Hakon to death or talk him out of fighting. The outcome will be heavily dependent on how you left him in the Old Villedor.

If you decide to save him back in Old Villedor, you can try to talk him out of fighting and persuade Lawan to spare his life. However, if you left him back in Old Villedor, no matter what you do, Hakon will fight you to the death. Hakon’s survival is a key role to have a Good Ending, where he will appear in the last mission and save either Lawan or Mia.

Dying Light 2 Survivor


Going back to the Old Villedor to meet up with the GRE Doctor who is hiding in the Bazaar, in this mission you will learn a little bit about the experiments Waltz did to our protagonist Aiden and the fate of Old Villedor.

Aiden will learn little to nothing about what Waltz did to him. At the end of this mission. Aiden will start to turn and accidentally kill Veronika after regaining his consciousness, Waltz will steal the GRE key from Aiden, and as he tries to get it back, he will see a missile in the sky coming down on Villedor, causing a large amount of casualty on the populace and if you didn’t give Frank the VNC tower during the Broadcast mission, he’d get injured very badly.

Dying Light 2 Survivor

The Breakthrough

Depending on who you chose during the Broadcast Mission, they can minimize the casualty of the missiles at the end of Veronika’s mission, and possibly save some important character from having a mortal injury. Now to prevent any more missiles from hitting Villedor, Frank will set up a meeting between him, Jack Matt ( Leader of the Peacekeeper), and Colonel Williams ( Leader of the Renegades). Unfortunately, after you leave the Fish Eye, you will be ambushed by some Renegades and Frank will get wounded by a poisoned arrow. Frank’s fate will be in your hands by choosing between chasing the guy who ambushed you or staying with Frank.

Frank’s fate is still in your hands. In this mission, if you decide to chase the truck instead of sticking around, you will find the Renegades Headquarters, but Jack will tell you that Frank didn’t make it. However, if you decide to stick around with Frank, Juan will instruct you to go to Margarette the Healer to ask her help to find an antidote, thus saving Frank in the nick of time.

Dying Light 2 Survivor

Now or never

If Frank dies (either by the missile or by leaving him to chase the truck instead of sticking around with Frank), Lawan will blame his death on the Colonel and charge ahead and clear out their hideout for you, and you’ll meet her pointing her crossbow at Colonel. But, we decided to stick around and manage to make an antidote for Frank that saved his life. Without Lawan, we will Infiltrate the Stronghold with Jack Matt’s instead. With his help and we will try to take down the Colonel. When Aiden encounters the Colonel, he will try to convince you that the attack happened 11 years ago, and the ambushed that wounded Frank is not his doing.

If you decided to believe the Colonel, Jack will swear to kill you, and try to ambush you on route to X13. However, if Frank survived, the Nightrunners will assist you with Hakon (if you saved him) and stop the fight. The Colonel will lead you to Waltz’s room and will arrange your transport to X13. If you decided to believe Jack Matt, the Colonel will die and you will never know the truth about that attacks. The truth of the matter is Jack Matt was behind the attack on Frank and wants to silence the Colonel because they both know that the Colonel didn’t order the chemical strike on the city 11 years ago, but Jack Matt knew about the impending strike but he didn’t do anything.

Dying Light 2 Survivor


In this final mission, Aiden will fight Waltz to get the GRE key back and stop the missile from hitting Villedor. After the battle with Waltz, Aiden will learn that Waltz needs the GRE key to keep Mia alive. Now it will end up to this one last decision — Aiden needs to decide if he will save Mia and let Lawan sacrifice herself to save the city or save Lawan at the cost of the populace of Villedor.

Several different ending options can happen depending on the choices you made in the previous missions. One ending scenario and the best possible outcome. Is that if you managed to keep both Frank and Hakon alive. Hakon will arrive in the X13 facility and save Lawan as she sacrifices herself for the city. The missile from X13 will raze the city to the ground, but early radio warnings from Frank allowed to minimize the number of casualties. The Bazaar will flourish due to the leadership of Sophie, and Lawan will be the leader of the Nightrunners. Aiden will leave Villedor because he’s starting to turn due to the drugs that Waltz experimented on him, but Hakon will follow him and join him on his adventure outside of Villedor.

The Survivors always sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. If you choose to do a mission and align yourself to the Survivors, you will see that they care and help each other. They will fight to protect their community against the tyrants such as the Renegades and even the Peacekeepers. Some sidequest will show you their hardship and how they try to cope and survive in this zombie-filled city. It was a satisfying experience to see their community grow whenever you accomplish missions given by the Survivors.

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