Top 5 Games to play for couples
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Now that we’re pretty much locked in during the pandemic, going out is not truly an option. So order some take out and get comfy as you talk to your love one on discord. Here are our top 5 games for couples to enjoy on Valentines.

Among Us

Among Us

Kinda sus that we added this to our list, but trust us this game is worth playing with your partner. A game about trust and deceit will surely test your relationship and provide hours of fun. You can also play this with other people or couples and serve as a group date. Play as a crewmate with the goal of finishing all tasks, or an impostor that is out to kill the crew. Did we mention that this is also free to play on mobile devices? So grab a copy now!

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Epic Games (Paid).

Don't Starve Together

Don’t Starve together

Perhaps you’re both nuts about roughing it out in the wild but the pandemic has you Homestuck, then this game is for you. Unlike other survival games, this one requires a lot more than just coordination and communication. The game is truly punishing for solo players, so working together is the only way to survive. This will surely test your dedication to one another, so let’s see if your partner really is a keeper. 

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Apple / iOS (Pocket Edition)

Couples _Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Animal crossing: New Horizon

Maybe you’re aesthetic couples that dream of building your own dream island when you strike it rich #MoneyFesting y’all! How about giving Tom Nook a visit by trying out Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Released for the Nintendo Switch, this life-simulation game lets you take part in designing your own island. The customization is limitless, you can create your island to your liking. Fancy a museum? how about your own auditorium? Perhaps a greenhouse for your green thumb. We however suggest that you create your date spot in advance, or you know tweak the clock a little.

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Couples _ Genshin Impact
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Genshin impact

I guess you both woke up and chose violence with a side of beautifully rendered scenery. Follow Paimon into the world of Tevyat and uncover the secrets of this new land along with your partner. Fight monsters or glide along and climb mountains, it is all up to your idea of an online date. If your partner’s love language is receiving gifts, then perhaps giving them primogems is a nice one for Valentines. Perhaps you could even try an online proposal just like what a Filipino player did for his fiance. 

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Couples _It Takes Two

It takes two

The Formula for a successful relationship really is communication and the ability to handle hurdles together. If you agree then It Takes Two is the co-op game for you, it even enforces the split-screen setup for its players. The game tackles the topic of fixing the protagonists’ relationships in every obstacle or hurdle they encounter. Not only will it provide a visual experience, but it also asks you both if you’re really ready to commit to one another. So get comfy playing next to each other as you tackle the game’s story and your relationship.

Get the game here

We hope that you and your partner enjoy our gaming suggestions for this month of love. Enjoy your date with your loved ones! Until next time! stay safe and keep on gaming folks!

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